CFL in Halifax coming soon?

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On ‎12‎/‎18‎/‎2017 at 12:28 PM, WideRight said:

I would second the hope that they would upgrade to a more dynamic and modern logo than the original one proposed, and they need a unique color scheme.  Avoid not only Red + Black (obviously) but also avoid double blue (Toronto), blue & gold (Winnipeg).


i would recommend they consider a Hartford Whaler scheme (Kelly, Navy or Royal and Silver/Grey).  I hesitate to recommend teal/aqua, just because it is such a warm-weather color.  Another option would be orange (ship) and navy (water) with small amounts of either teal or sky blue as accent.  


CFL could use a team with purple as it's primary color. They could have aquatic (for lack of a better term) secondary and tertiary/accent colors. Just a thought.

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A couple good identities and a lot of... interesting ones. My favorites are the Privateers and Admirals.




Although the CFL Instagram posted it, these concepts don't seem like legitimate entries into CFL Halifax and the website they originated from states new concepts shown off each week. 

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* I think the Atlantic Armada would make for a strong identity, though the proposed color scheme is too bland. (It also appears to have been inspired by the logo of a program in the Nova Scotia Minor Midget AAA Hockey League.) 

Kraken has a lot of potential, but the "East Coast" place name is a non-starter and the color scheme could use something besides shades of Green. Perhaps the helmet and jersey shoulder yoke in a Signal Blue or Royal Blue, with the pants in the current Dark Green, and the socks in the Volt/Neon Lime?

Halifax Privateers is solid, but I'd go with Blue numbers on a White jersey.

Halifax Admirals is very good, but also strikes me as a bit of a "safe" choice.

* I love the Atlantic Schooners name and color scheme, but I'm not crazy about the logo as a primary mark. I'd love to see a primary logo that revolves around a depiction of a schooner, with the "anchor-and-S" as a secondary mark. 

Halifax Citadels is intriguing, but it's not quite there yet. I think both the logo and color scheme could use some tweaking. 

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