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CONCEPT: Jersey Display


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Hi guys!

I hope this is ok to share here - I checked with Chris and he was cool with it.

I have a concept for a product I wanted to share with fellow sports fans and jersey collectors to get a little bit of constructive criticism. I've been working on this for a few years and revised it a lot, but I'm at a point where I think it's almost good to go.


THE IDEA: An inexpensive ($10-15) way to display your favorite team's jerseys on your walls.

Most fans own gear of their favorite team. Some of us own A LOT of gear from a lot of teams and sometimes different sports. Some of us like to personalize our rooms/offices/TV rooms with sports-related things. Why shouldn't our jerseys be a part of that? While some people are lucky enough to have autographed memorabilia worth framing, others might have just regular jerseys not worth to frame because it's expensive and you can't ever wear your jersey again.


This product aims to solve those problems by offering a very easy and inexpensive way to incorporate your jerseys as a part of your room decor while allowing to still have it accessible for wearing and/or changing out the jerseys you want to display. 


I wanted to create something that could be hang without necessarily having to nail to a wall, was inexpensive and easy to install. 





The design includes:
-A two part system where a base can be attached to the wall with nails or 3M strips, and a hanger part which you can click on and off. Makes it easy to put it on and off, and access your jersey if needed.
-Adjustable ends so you can stretch the hanger to fit anything from a small soccer jersey to an XL NFL jersey. This can also be used to either let sleeves hang or achieve a more "T" shape.

What do you guys think? Feedback very much appreciated.


PS: I don't really have a name for this, so if anybody has suggestions, those would be very much welcome!


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this is pretty awesome actually. could i see a picture of the device alone? and how far could it go out if you wanted to put, say, a hockey jersey out? i like the idea and is for sure something new. I think its neat but how much easier is it to use instead of like a normal clothes hanger?

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Thanks guys!

@flyersfan I havent tested with Hockey Jerseys, since the long sleeve sort of throws a curve ball. I think later on I could make a larger version where the extensions are long enough for long sleeves jerseys, good thing to keep in mind!

@walkerws I had never thought about pads! The base of it can surely support it, but I'd have to try and see how the pads affect it's ability to attach. Good thing to test later on.


Here are more pictures of just the product:

-A base
-Two central parts (these split and attach together to make for smaller packaging and less risk of it breaking while being shipped)
-Two end extensions that can be placed at different parts to allow for a shorter or longer look.












Assembling the parts and hanging it take less than a minute, super easy. Parts snap on and off.

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