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FALCON6'S Minor NFL Adjustments


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This may technically be an NFL redesign, but since there are no actual images, I put this here. You see, I don't have the skill or creativity to design whole new logos and uniforms, but I can tell you which elements of a team's existing visual identity look good, and what do not. From there, I have listed some tweaks and modifications to NFL uniforms and logos that I think would be effective. No overhauls, just adjustments 

Key- PL: Primary logo. AL: Alternate logo. H: Helmet. HU: Home uniform. AU: Alternate uniform. ALT/TB: Alternate or Throwback uniform. CR: Color Rush uniform. WM: Wordmark 

AFC East 

BUF- PL: Current. AL: Current. H: Current, non-tapering stripe. HU: Current, minus team name, logo on nameplate. AU: Current (both blue and white pants), modify jersey to match home. ALT/TB: 65-73 home TB. CR: Current TB WM: Current (both red and blue versions). 

Buffalo has a good old-fashioned look that still works in the modern era, but I wanted to do away with the cluttering team name and nameplate logo to clean it up, since the main strength of this set is its simplicity. I also wanted to go the Saints/Giants/Broncos/Chargers route and use a throwback uniform to minimize the terrible-ness of the Color Rush program. Because of this, I was able to shift a home version of the throwback into the "alternate" slot. 

Stuff I considered: Getting rid of any alternate logo, going with a blue or white facemask, wearing the red jersey from the Color Rush set with white pants as an alternate, and making "Buffalo" and "Buffalo Bills" versions of the wordmark. 

MIA- PL: Current. AL: WM below logo. H: Current, no dark teal stripes, broader orange stripes. HU: Current, modify pant stripes to match helmet and get rid of Miami on back, eliminate teal on teal combo. AU: Current (both teal and white pants), modify pant stripes to match helmet and get rid of Miami on back, make socks all light teal on teal pants version. ALT/TB: Current TB. CR: Current. WM: Current "Miami Dolphins" version, eliminate "Miami" and "Dolphins" version. 

In my unpopular opinion, I like the Dolphins' 2013 update. The new, less saturated shade of teal looks more like water, and looks better with orange, since the more saturated one seemed to clash too much with the orange. The new wordmark and number typeface is sharp, as is the more stylized, less cartoonish and helmetless logo. Once again, no major changes aside from scrapping the dark teal elements (otherwise there are too many colors), and stripping away the two partial wordmarks to leave three basic logos: the primary, the wordmark, and both together as an alternate. 

Stuff I considered: Making a partial "sun" logo as an alternate logo, making the facemask teal or grey, using the orange Color Rush jersey on white pants as the alternate uniform, using teal on teal as the Color Rush uniform. 

NE- PL: Current, with old shade of blue. AL: Current WM below "New England", modify blue, eliminate "NE" logo. H: White shell, red facemask, updated logo. HU: CR jersey with modified blue on white pants, keep pant stripe from current home silver pants, red socks. AU: Blue pants and same socks as home uniform, white jersey with red numbers outlined in blue, red-blue-red shoulder stripes, blue pants, same socks. ALT/TB: Pat patriot red (add white facemask) TB. CR: Red, updated helmet. WM: Put "New England" above the current one, get rid of the logo below "Patriots". 

The Pats may have the most changes in this series, because I hate New England's uniforms (yes, even before the SuperBowl. Why couldn't they have lost to a decent looking team?). First off, navy is one of the few colors silver won't look good with, it's just too gaudy, and the flag is red, WHITE, and blue, not red, silver, and navy. I also decided the shade of blue should be closer to the pre-1993 shade. I also wanted to make the design more conservative looking, by adding the shoulder hoops back into their look. I kept Flying Elvis, because although Pat Patriot is popular, the reason it was changed was because the logo was too highly detailed for mass merchandise production. My white helmets allow him to reappear on the throwbacks, however. 

Stuff I considered: I was pretty sure about what I wanted with New England, just had to figure out what would be blue or red in a few places, like the socks, or if I needed a white facemask. And I first was going to keep the current Color Rush, but I went with all red, since the NFL as a league needs to de-emphasize navy, it only looks good with a few colors and on a few things, yet it seems it is every other team's primary color. 

NYJ- PL: use the 78-97 logo, in current shade of green. AL- None. H: updated logo on current white. HU: Current, eliminate chest patch, get rid of mono-green. AU: Current, (both green and white pants), eliminate chest patch. ALT/TBSB III throwbacks. WM: Current, add "NY" above "Jets" CR: Current. 

The Jets' look isn't great, but aside from 1978-1997, they've been consistent, so the only drastic thing I thought of was using the logo from that outlying era. I also think the dropping of the chest patch was a good move. 

Stuff I considered: I wanted to make a grey uniform for the Jets, but I felt dumb adding a whole new color. Grey is underrated, college teams just don't use it right. I'll use it with another team who has already established silver or grey in its scheme. 

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