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City/State Color Identities


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Here is an idea for a series I've thought about doing for a while now, I got the idea from an old thread made by @User9113 and I thought I'd try my hand on making what I think could be a reasonable color scheme for every major sports team from a certain city or state. No 2 cities can have the same color scheme and every city with more than one team in either the NFL, CFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, or MLS.


To start off I went with the first two teams in terms of alphabetical order, up first Arizona.


For Arizona I decided that the coyotes current color scheme would be a perfect fit with the other teams, the brick red and sand give a desert vibe IMO and the colors fit in with most of the teams current colors, the cardinals just changed the shade of red and the color of the beak, the suns I thought could work with the colors being warmer, the coyotes already use these colors, and the diamondbacks already essentially had these colors just slightly different shades and no more teal.




For Atlanta I knew I needed to have red since all 4 teams from Atlanta use some shade of the color, then I looked and saw that the hawks used to use yellow (unlike their current horrible neon yellow) and the braves have some yellow in their logo as well as Atlanta United having gold as one of their colors, I simple added black to those colors to get what I feel is a pretty "Atlanta" color scheme. Changes to the logos varied in amounts, the falcons just added a yellow outline where silver was and added a lot to their uniforms, for the hawks I just tried to incorporate all the team colors into it rather than their current just red and white, the braves just swited the blue to black, and Atlanta United changed their shade of dark red and their gold to yellow.



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Yeah too much yellow for Atlanta, should be more of an accent rather than anything. Imo black doesn’t work on hawks logo and, falcons shouldn’t have yellow pants. What i would try is keeping the falcons pants the same, along with the hawks logo, only making the letters yellow, or even just making a yellow outline.

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Thanks for the feedback, I changed the falcons pants back to white but kept the yellow on the sleeves to have a little still in their color scheme, I also removed black from the hawks logo. The hawks uniform is very yellow and I'm aware, I was thinking that it would be an alternate of some sort, I can make a version with a red or black base if you guys want.




3 hours ago, KRZYBDGRZ said:

May I suggest Dallas? Loving these


Can do!

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As suggested by @KRZYBDGRZ here is Dallas. For Dallas I knew I had to have blue since every team besides the stars have it in their color schemes, and then with the cowboys, mavs, and stars (kinda, just in their logo) using black and silver I thought these colors would work well together. So as far as changes to each teams go the cowboys just replaced navy with black, the mavs just altered the shades of blue and silver, the stars replaced green with blue, the rangers replaced red with black, and fc Dallas just added black instead of red.




CC is apreciated!

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Hey I think I’ve seen that mavs  jersey somewhere before! Anyways I love it but I think it would would work better with Royal and navy. Also the stars look surprisingly good in those colors

Darn autocorrect
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I’m already liking where this is going! I love all the color choices you’ve gone with so far. My personal hope is that the Minnesota teams get royal blue and kelly green.


The only small nitpick that I could have is that the Cowboys’ helmet and pants look sort of bland without any blue, I would maybe reserve black to the outline of the logo there. The yellow jersey for the Hawks would be sweet as an alternate, but seeing a red version would be cool too.


Looking forward to seeing the rest of the teams!


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14 hours ago, CollegeFootba11W4tcher said:

These are neat.  Let me know when you have a Theme for Cincinnati.  Red, Orange, White, and Black.  I'm going to say Orange is a third color, since the Reds are better players historically.

For Cincinnati, I would go with a red-orange color. Doing Cincy is hard since they have the Reds as well as the Bengals, which aren’t red of course.

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As requested by @ahowe6464 here is Boston. For Boston I Knew I needed Red for the Red Sox as well as the Pats and Revolution using Red I also knew there needed to be green as the Celtics identity is essentially all green. Also the flag of New England has these colors so I felt they'd be a good fit for Boston. For the changes to each team the Patriots drop blue for green and get rid of silver to match the other teams, the Celtics add traces of red, the Bruins have the most drastic change replacing black with green and yellow with red (the shouldrs look dark but that's just the shadow its actually light like the breezers), the Sox logo remains the same only replacing blue with green on the uniform, and finally the Revolution just replace the blue for green (I know the logo is supposed to be the us flag with a soccer ball but to make this work I had to make it green).




Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!

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