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LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 8 Voting


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Here are the medals!



The bronze medal goes to @SplashBoogie, for Entry 15!



The silver medal goes to @hettinger_rl, for Entry 8!



And the gold medal goes to @Bruins, for Entry 14!


Full album here


Please copy the meals and host them on your account if you want to add them to your signature.


List of participants and points tally:







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3 hours ago, ATolly66 said:

Look in the album...there is an 18th entry. 


3 hours ago, Dan O'Mac said:

There's only 17 listed in the results. My apologies.


@ATolly66 is right. There are indeed 18 entries, but for some reason I forgot to add the last one I received in my file to compile points. Luckily I simply had to add the number and the name and everything is recompiled automatically.


It doesn't change the medals, but does affect the points, and the overall points standings.


Here is the updated version for the points, with 18 entries:






Sorry about the confusion, @RTI :)


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