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Hi everyone.

Long time reader, first time concepter. I've had a long time hobby of making sports uniforms (mostly hockey uniforms).

I'm not a graphic artist by any means (I use Paint and Paint.net), but I try to make as clean of a presentation as possible.

I thought I'd try my hand at creating or tweaking each NHL uniform (just home and road - no alts) with a short explanation of my thought process.

Since Adidas is now supplying the NHL's uniforms, I used their template (courtesy of SportsLogos.net).

First up is the Anaheim Ducks. While their current uniform isn't bad, my feeling is that the Flyers own orange and black, so I went back to the eggplant and teal that Anaheim started out with.

It's a unique color combo that many people still think of when they think of this franchise. The team added orange to represent Orange County, so I kept a splash of orange. It seems to go well with the eggplant and teal.

I like the D logo they currently use for their main crest, so I kept that (just recolored it) and I used their original logo as their secondary (again, just recolored). The striping pattern is based on their current pattern. Any critiques or opinions are welcome.pHNAAcb.png

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2 hours ago, gimmick said:

Yeah, I tried to attach the URL from my Photobucket account like the instructions said, but I'm not seeing anything.

Am I missing something?

Photobucket's a pain in the ass to use, so I just use Imgur. It's free and easy to use. Looking forward to the concept!

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Some interesting ideas, but the execution is flawed. As others have said the colour combination is a bit much. If orange is being used with eggplant and jade, it should be more of a minimal accent colour. I'd also remove the orange outlines on the names and numbers, as it is now the name on the white jersey is muddied and difficult to read.


I've voiced my preference for the Mighty Ducks logo on these boards more times than I can count, but putting that aside: I've also seen too many blending-of-eras Ducks concepts where the D is recoloured to the Mighty Ducks colour scheme. It almost never translates well, and I hate to say it, but this is no exception. For one thing, duck feet aren't typically green so it looks a bit weird to begin with. They aren't usually gold either, but it works with the current Ducks identity because the gold they use is a bright colour and it stands out on a dark background. Here, you've used a dark colour on top of another dark colour and it gets lost on the eggplant uniform, which is most evident on the helmet. The Mighty Ducks logo would work better here because it has a bright and dominant foreground element that stands out well against a dark background. But since you're using the D, maybe make it white or orange instead of green.

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