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NHL 2018-19


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11 hours ago, Cardsblues02 said:

Pacers do the same thing if I remember correctly.


The Pacers don’t use the phrase “Indiana Basketball” because of IU, so in that context it will always have the full team name. They’ve used the stock graphic font in the past, though. The new Nike practice graphic is the first time they’ve taken the Heat approach and replaced the brand’s typeface with their wordmark.

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18 hours ago, mafiaman said:

Great post.  Bonus points for spelling "yoke" correctly too.


Well, since somebody made a big deal about it the last time I spelled it incorrectly, I triple checked to make sure I was correct.  Didn't want to be the only guy on the internet to ever make a spelling error twice.

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On 6/19/2018 at 10:31 PM, lbj273 said:

The Mighty Ducks logo is an all-time classic I don't care what anyone else says.


The orange alternate with that logo was great and an identity based around that look would be a great bridge to the past while being far enough removed from "the team named after a Disney movie" that the franchise has clearly tried to distance themselves from.


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I liked that as a third. Not so much when it stealthily swapped places with the regular home jersey and when it influenced them to go with a wordmark logo for their rebrand and aw geez here I go again


It's a nice enough design, but it's also very generic. Any team could have done their own version of it.

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In a vacuum, those Anaheim thirds are great jerseys. One of my favorites. Able to take a modern team and apply a classic styling to it. (Also, for me, the Anaheim wordmark did wonders considering the timing of its introduction (2003) to what the Angels were doing across the street (2005).)


However, as the admiral said, they irked me even then because of the color similarities to the Kings. And as wildwing64 said, it irks me in hindsight knowing that these made them think it was okay to go with the wordmark.


I'll agree that it's probably an underrated jersey. However, I don't want those brought back.


Also, that twitter teaser video the Ducks put out, false alarm. It was just for a bad schedule reveal video.

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16 hours ago, squamfan said:

Image result for anaheim ducks jersey


Bring these back, probably the most underrated ducks jersey.

I loved these jerseys when they came out, still do.  I never really thought they looked like the Kings.  I remember a long time ago seeing a fantastic concept of this as the home and a matching white jersey with a new wordmark that swapped the name/city.  Wish I could find that again.  


13 hours ago, M4One said:

Probably unpopular, but if they aren't going to bring back the orange jerseys, then maybe one of these in the future?  I'll take either one over the above black alternate.



I was the target age for everything Mighty Ducks, so when these came out they were the coolest jerseys ever.  still holds a place in my heart, even though i know better now.  

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