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What throwbacks do you want to see?


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58 minutes ago, tommytimp said:

But those are two different helmets. I always dug that NY, even though it's a little hard to read.

As long as the helmet is the same base color, they can do it. If it's a different color, it's a no go. The logos are just decals, and the facemasks can be changed... 

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Utah Jazz - pre-1996 purple roads (they need to bring back purple fulltime)

Denver Nuggets - rainbow skyline (either navy or royal will do)

Milwaukee Bucks - Irish rainbow (no red)



Denver Broncos - Orange Crush (wish the one-helmet rule didn't exist)

Miami Dolphins - make throwbacks full-time

LA Rams - white version of their '90s throwbacks

Seattle Seahawks - 1990s (ditto on one-helmet rule)

LA Chargers - 1994 Super Bowl appearance commemorative throwbacks (yet another violator of the rule)

Buffalo Bills - anything but the standing buffalo, which has never impressed me



Houston Astros - rainbow guts

San Diego Padres - 1984 World Series or late-80s brown-and-orange; also 1998 World Series throwbacks (also go back to being a brown-centric team, you douchebags)

Cincinnati Reds - 1990 World Series champs throwbacks

Kansas City Royals - George Brett-era periwinkle roads (if only)

Philadelphia Phillies - maroon



Anaheim Ducks - Disney days

New York Islanders - fishsticks now and then

Vancouver Canucks - anything from their wacky uniform history

Winnipeg Jets - 1990s Jets, or better yet just make a royal blue alt sweater in their current style



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22 hours ago, Wandell said:

I think everyone agrees that the NFL's one helmet rule needs to be abolished. This would open up things a lot for most teams.

I'd love to see the Giants break out the mid 70's uniform with the blue pants. I always loved that uniform.



Umm, no. I don't see the Giants wearing those uniforms as throwbacks anytime soon because (1) they were associated with failure and mediocrity during the late 1970s, (2) they were basically rip-offs of the Buffalo Bills, and (3) I'd rather see the Giants wear these uniforms as throwbacks instead:




I agree on one thing, though: the NFL needs to get rid of that stupid "one-helmet color only" rule.

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16 minutes ago, johnnysama said:


To me, the Jets need to bring this back full-time (no offense to the current set, but however good it looks, I think it's getting a little long in the tooth).



I'm a Jets fan and I think the Jets need something completely fresh. To be honest, no set is really thought of with winning the new super bowl 3 set has only produced some playoff runs. I think they need to return to kelly green with a new logo.

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On 12/17/2017 at 2:04 PM, Morgo said:

Full time alternate please!



That's all I want.


I think we are one of the few big 4 teams that have never worn a throwback in-game in franchise history. For a team that is 50 years old, that's saying something.


The transitional Dallas/Minny set is a perfect throwback. Covers both locations, uses primarily kelly green and black which are the current franchise colors, contrasts the victory green by being primarily black, and looks strikingly similar to the jersey from our Cup season. Perfect choice.


Fans would eat them up. I know I'd buy a Radulov or Faksa version, myself.

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I have to think they'll throw back to something like this at some point.  


I had the white version (pre-Dallas, of course) because I did not like the way the sleeve strips broke up to accommodate the numbers on the black jersey.  Other than that, though, it was a solid uniform (not as good as the uniform it replaced, but I digress).

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