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Facebook used to have a rule for brand pages that said no more than 20% of a cover photo could be text. It’ll never happen, but I wish the NBA would adopt a similar percentage rule for jersey ads. 


Theoretically, all jersey ads fit within the same 2x2 space. But there is a huge difference for how intrusive various teams’ patches are depending on the logo design. 


Compare Miami’s Ultimate Software and Cleveland’s Goodyear patches vs Indy’s Motorola and Boston’s GE, for example.

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On 12/18/2018 at 2:05 PM, JELKK said:

Annnnd I now no longer find the pacers jersey attractive. Strange how a simple ad with do that to ya.

I mean, if you're just going to use it and then hide it from everyone... does it matter if it has an ad patch on it. When you do your "things that makes jesus cry" stuff he's not judging you on the ad patch.






Please take this as a joke, it was meant that way. Lol ;)

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1 hour ago, Froob said:

In case anyone is curious, the Nike city edition jackets are nice. I ordered one figuring I’ll send it back if it’s just a windbreaker, surpringly fairly warm (I’m going to wear a hoodie under mine). 

So it’s not warm if you got to wear a hoodie under it.

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1 hour ago, pepis21 said:

Locker Vision has wrong Pelicans Earned jersey:



By the way this isn't a "City" jersey with white numbers, they swapped colors in places.

How the heck... one they messed up the city and earned colors. And two why is there a city uniform but with the stripe colors in different order. I mean it does resemble a Mardi Gras flag more soo

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4 hours ago, okcsooner35 said:

Does anyone know why Nike isn’t selling authentic versions of the Earned editions? Every distributor that I have found has only had swingman versions listed for sale. 

I was wondering the same thing. I wanted a Bucks Giannis and Heat Wade. Then again, I've been waiting on bated breath an entire year for an authentic Jazz city edition. It's a bummer they don't have some of these things readily available. 

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