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4 hours ago, kimball said:

Well, if done right I think teams and Nike can produce some pretty awesome stuff ...


That's true. IMO except Jazz also Heat (but in that case I'd like to see black version even if this gonna be a lazy move), Bulls, Sixers, Clippers should kept their "City" unis for next season. Maybe Blazers, Bucks, Nets, Hornets and Pelicans too.

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Presented to show how infuriating it is that Nike cannot bother to put the shorts notch in a logical spot on the Magic throwbacks.  Then again, they've bastardized armhole stripes because of a rote insistence on changing the cut of a basketball uniform.



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On 9/25/2018 at 11:31 PM, kimball said:

SIDE NOTE: So with Nike and Sponsor Logos on the front straps now are all future memorial patches going to now be black ribbons? Where else could teams put them?


I always love to see how teams manage to create something unique by using these small roundels, so I think I will miss the patches bad:










Though the teams can still "do some ribbon jobs" but there are fewer options after all.  Black ribbons can be used to commemorate someone, but how about the team anniversaries? 


âsuns connie hawkins patchâçå¾çæç´¢ç»æ



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38 minutes ago, Germanshepherd said:

Hopefully nowhere, anniversary patches are stupid to begin with. 


Oh, I agree with anniversary logos. Those pretty much have gone away since last year. I'm specifically talking about memorial patches. 

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Zach Lowe on new Heat uniforms (city edition I assume):

"I am sworn to secrecy about the yet-to-be-unveiled uniforms and, umm, accompanying art, but let's just say they are perfect. I don't even know how the players on either team will be able to perform basketball things when the Heat wear them. I'd just stare at them."


? Now I'm even more excited!!!

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12 minutes ago, JELKK said:

Well thats two teams that completely ruined their jersey with ads this offseason. The suns and blazers couldnt make the ads team colors?

At least the text on the Blazers’ Biofreeze ad patch matches the color of the wordmark and Nike logo on their white and black jerseys:


The green definitely clashes, but it’d be much worse if the text clashed as well. As I’ve said on here before, the ad patch on the red jersey looks horrible, but at least that one doesn’t have any green on it. The PayPal ad patch on the Suns’ jerseys doesn’t match at all though, with the two shades of blue clashing pretty badly with the purple and orange:


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