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Thanks @FinsUp1214.


At least one of them should be the classic purple or the reverse yellows, but neither of them are.


Both of them are fashion jerseys consisting of flavor-of-the-month trends, both with BFBS. Because they ditched the classic purple, I have to agree that both of these are trash replacements for the road jersey.

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2 hours ago, habsfan1 said:

The new Lakers home: ???


The new Lakers road: ???




I can't remember the last time two uniforms from one new h&r set each received such polarizing receptions.

Closest I can think of off the top of my head is the current Nashville Predators set. Everybody hated the home while generally liking (or at least preferring) the road.

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2 hours ago, Shadojoker said:


Hold my beer


Wrong answer.


Their uniforms are meh, okay at best. But there's no home vs road issue. ?


OKC it's their logo that's trash. Neither of their uniforms get as much criticism as their logo.

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29 minutes ago, j'villejags said:

Possibly Minnesota's 'City' edition --


Wasn't sure if it was real, but if you look closely, you can see Minnesota's 'City' set appears to be dark purple on that chart. 




It's legit and it's simply beautiful.

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