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College Football uniforms- 2018


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^And on the pants as well:



They’re playing Utah, who will be in all-white:




Colorado is going all-white as well, at Arizona:



Washington State is going all-crimson vs. Cal:



Cal is countering by going navy/white/white:


And finally, Oregon State is wearing orange for the first time this season:


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Not only this, but they're going with orange endzones this week (and supposedly for the rest of the season).




edit: I'll add that I've seen some unsubstantiated talk that this uniform announcement is really just a cover and they're wearing throwbacks for homecoming.

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NCSU going with their big game look White-Red-Red against FSU Gold-White-Garnet


I love when FSU switches up to the garnet pants, can't remember the last time they did this - I don't recall them ever wearing it under Jimbo. Hopefully the Nike matte pants won't ruin them. (The Louisville G-W-G look doesn't count)

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Thankfully, the Ducks’ Jumpman alternates have regular NOB’s rather than the ‘FLIGHT’ NOB that’s on the fan version:



Also, in addition to the 10 different cleat options, the Jordan 3 PE’s, and all of the other player-issued gear, there’s also special Vapor Untouchable Speed trainers for the players as well: 


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On 10/29/2018 at 8:27 PM, bri1275 said:

Kansas with some pretty great alternates. Should consider something along these lines as permanent and ditch the chrome stuff.




Give me some stripes on the pants and this Jayhawk would be happy with this look full-time.  I am one of the few that loves KU's Trajan font and prefers the initials over JAY on the helmet, but I could be satisfied with this.

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North Carolina and Georgia Tech both wearing white helmets is a real shame. Blue vs. gold was always a great matchup.


Purdue should have worn their normal unis.


This is a weekend where we could have had great-looking games, but a lot of them are lame.

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