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LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Closing Ceremonies


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Six weeks. Ten events. It's now a wrap, and time to party! This year's LOGOLYMPIAD in numbers: 180 entries, 47 different members participating, 16 members winning medals.


Of the 47 designers that took part this year, seven(!) of them entered all ten events. This is no small feat, considering the hectic pace of the contest. Congratulations to @bucknut42, @hettinger_rl, @HRC4, @Pulv!, @SplashBoogie, @Whitefoot, and @Whittier S! For your efforts, here's a special badge:


3kBqSCU.png - p5x4W8V.png - OHZmNxy.png - 0zbSjFR.png - D8hscpy.png - dY1uRUS.png - HUtplXt.png

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Onto the medals!


In yet another amazing finish, we have a three-way tie atop the medals standings, just like in 2014!


LQEWG47.png - GOh2g0q.png- BFQtBn4.png


@Bruins and @OmegaRed both won 2 gold medals and a silver medal for a total of 8 points.

@SplashBoogie won a gold, a silver, and 3 bronze medals for 8 points.




For the points standings, the final 2 podiums spots were decided at the last event!




In third place, @Bruins scored 100 points. In second position, @SplashBoogie scored 105 points. And the winner of the points standings this year is @Whitefoot, with 126 points!


Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated and voted.


Let me know your thoughts on this year's event! Feel free to make suggestions for future installments of the competition!


And with that, I hereby declare the games of the LOGOLYMPIAD... closed!


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Big shoutout to @pollux for putting together another great season. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my designs enough to vote me to the silver in points and gold in medals. Big ups to my co-champs @Bruins and @OmegaRed but I'm not looking to share next season so y'all better be ready!


But a seriously great season and it's given me so much confidence in my design work heading into the new year. Hope to keep y'all excited for whatever comes next!

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This was a lot of fun to be a part of. I know what I need to work on for the future, but this definitely stretched and enhanced my logo making abilities. Thanks for putting this on @pollux, and congrats to all of the winners.

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3 hours ago, pollux said:


Sorry guys, I haven't had time to prepare anything this year, and I don't want to run it during Christmas holidays.


It's also the reason why I asked for Logolympiad X as a logo rather than Logolympiad 2018. :)

More than understandable. Hopefully Logolympiad X happens sooner rather than later though! You always put on a good contest.

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