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The Worst Jersey Clash I've Ever Seen


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Some people I know from Sri Lanka were talking about the cricket match between India & Sri Lanka. When I browsed the internet out of curiosity I found this. 






That is the picture of the Sri Lankan team (wearing blue with yellow) and the Indian team (wearing slightly lighter blue with orange) out. If it wasn't for the darker pants the Sri Lankan team was wearing I'd have a hard time telling to two teams apart.


I'm surprised a sport with a global audience (outside of North America obviously) would not have some sort of alternate jersey rule.  

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5 hours ago, OaklandIsBack said:

Someone get a picture of the Wyoming/Central Michigan game today 

I see Wyo/CMU and raise you Notre Dame @ Georgia Tech, 2006.  Gold helmets..check.  One gold element and one white element each, check.  Navy numbers, check.  Deciphering who was who on TV...ugh.



As well as Carmelo Anthony's Knicks debut...if there were any games where I wish the Bucks had worn red instead, this was one of two, the other being a later game in Orlando where the Magic decided to wear their black jerseys.



Another brutal one: Skins at Cowboys, 2002.  It wouldn't have been so bad if the Skins had been wearing the brighter burgundy they've worn since their one year of Lombardi.  Or had the Cowpokes gone with the white doublestars instead of the blue version.  Not as tough a watch as ND/GT, but still a bit brutal.



Not to mention Wisconsin at Illinois in basketball in 2004...I can also recall seeing a photo of a Nevada game where they wore silver uniforms against white, though I forget who they were playing, as well as a photo of an Army-Navy basketball game that used to be on the Wikipedia basketball article, but I'm not sure if it's still there (Army was in silver, Navy in white).

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15 hours ago, sportsherald said:

Traditionally, all cricket teams wore all white.  Similar to baseball, there is only one player from the batting team on the field of play surrounded by the defending team, so there is not a big issue of telling teams apart.  Still, for the viewers, it is confusing.

That is the case for test cricket. One day and T20 allow multi-colored uniforms. They usually have a secondary top for those. 

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As one might put it...good thing Idaho's almost never on national TV.  I'd judge vegas gold on silver a poor clash.



Speaking of silver and gold, I remember one time when I briefly tuned into a game of the Big XII women's hoops tournament back when they still had XII teams :D Texas A&M was in silver uniforms with maroon lettering, while Colorado was wearing gold unis with black lettering.  Distinguishing Aggie from Lady Buff was about as tough as making out the players' names in the above Idaho photo.


Speaking of the Blue Turf Bowl...technically doesn't fit, but just for the hell of it...couldn't find a better pic, but Idaho is in gold helmets/pants and black jerseys, while Southern Miss is in black helmets/pants...and gold jerseys.  


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Down Under, one of the longstanding matchups of this ilk was the longstanding rivalry of Essendon and Richmond...largely because for most of the VFL/AFL's history, contrasting shorts were considered a sufficient clash, few of the Victorian clubs bothered to use more than one jumper until relatively recently.  Given most of the Vic clubs were also founding members of the league, naturally they were the most resistant to an idea that by now is second nature to every other team sport on the planet: clash jumpers (the clubs from the other Australian states tended to be more likely to have one by the mid 2000s).  Essendon is in black with a red sash; Richmond is in black with a gold sash.  Both, to slightly differing extents, were dragged into the clash era kicking and screaming.  A few years back, Richmond decided their clash would simply be an inversion of their usual look: gold with a black sash, so this one's no longer possible.



No, this is no intrasquad scrimmage...this is another long runner: Collingwood v Geelong.  The former is in black and white stripes (with a black back), the latter traditionally wears navy and white hoops (white back).  The main saving grace is that the backs are different colors, which goes a long way given that since they play on cricket ovals, the fans are rather far away from the action.  


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On 12/26/2017 at 4:01 PM, DiePerske said:

except that isnt a clash. white jersey v blue is quite an easy contrast to make.


My understanding of clash is something that is mismatched or incompatible. When it comes to sports you should often be able to tell two teams apart with relative ease. The similarity in colors makes the match up incompatible.


If it involves outfits or jerseys individually it would be more colors that don't go together which is hard in uniforms given the name. If the Bolts wore purple pants with a blue jersey, that would clash.

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I noticed this myself watching the games (huge cricket fan here). Sri Lanka needs to go back to the dark navy they used to have, and replace a lot of that white with yellow like they used to have. Of course, I am an India fan, so I may be biased, but I think India has found the perfect shades of blue and orange.


This is the colour scheme SL need to return to, but with a different template:





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