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The Draft to Save the Browns


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This of course is just me playing around and based on projections at this point... Just thought I would play a bit, no not perfect but just an idea of how to rebuild via the draft.  The Rd2 pick 1 and Rd 3 pick 1 would go to Seattle to get their 20th pick in the 1st.


Pick Name Position College    
Rd1 1 Saquon Barkley RB  Penn State    
Rd1 4 Orlando Brown  OT Oklahoma    
Rd2 1 Josh Allen (SEA Rd1 #20) QB Wyoming TRADE BACK INTO Rd1
Rd2 5 Harrision Phillips DT Stanford    
Rd2 32 Dallas Roedert TE South Dakota State    
Rd4 1 Jordan Wyatt CB Southern Methodist    
Rd4 24 Josey Jewell ILB Iowa    
Rd5 1 Carlton Davis CB Auburn    
Rd5 25 Dante Pettis WR Washington     
Rd 6 1 Akrum Wadley RB  Iowa    
Rd7 1 Luke Falk  QB  Wash. State    


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Fire Jimmy Haslam.


(I'm completely aware that you can't fire an owner, but I'm afraid the point that the Haslams sell the Browns will be the point where things get better. I like to think that Haslam was a Steelers fan growing up and worked in their FO for a time as well, so maybe he's a stealth mole?)

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