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NHL logos redesign: Coyotes, Oilers and Islanders


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I recently entered a contest held by the Post2Post YouTube channel about redesigning the logo of current NHL teams. It was possible to send a entry for every team but I only entered with three. I chose the teams I already had an idea for which were the Coyotes, Oilers and Islanders. I could have done also the Kings logo but I ran short of time.

I'm pretty happy with the overall result as all my logos made the top 63 and the Isles logo arrived 4th (it was 5th but then second logo got disqualified). Still, I was a bit disappointed for the other entries as I felt that in the previous contest they had way better entries in the top10 while in this one some were a tad weak.

I'd like to hear some comment on my work as I mainly tried them out just because I really enjoy contests and events even if in the end my works are just average.


Here you have the link if you want to have a look to the other entries.



Here you have my entries


I decided to redo the Coyotes logo just because I've always felt like their logo was nice but a bit too busy near the coyote's eyes and that the only animal head was a bit odd just like that.



As a second I went with the Oilers also if I like their current logo (they are my favourite team) but I see that it is a bit outdated and in my opinion not old enough to be an historical one, like the Canadiens logo, so it should be updated. While I quite like the overall result of the drop on the gear wheel in the end I'm not completely ok with the helmet. It looked like a good idea to incorporate it but maybe the logo could have looked better without it. 




With the Islanders I had the easiest task as their logo is pretty awful. I know they won 4 Stanley Cups in a row with it, but the same I've said for the Oilers applies here. I know that the fisherman logo was higly hated but I think that it was a bold move out of the comfort zone they should repeat in the near future (without the teal please...).





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These are great! I'll break up my C&C for each logo:

Arizona: It's a nice concept, but I feel like it should be simpler, specifically the state boundaries. Still a nice logo overall.

Edmonton: Probably my favourite, All the symbolism is great, but again, the hat could be simpler.

New York: Only thing I would change is adding an outline around the N and Y.


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I agree with @NoE38 that the NY in the Islanders logo needs an outline, even if it's just a thin teal one. 


Edmonton's is great. It's a perfect mix of eras and a simple yet strong logo.


The issue with Arizona's logo is the inconsistencies in outline width (the cream-colored chest vs. the rest of the body, and the extremely thick shadow separating the head and the torso). Despite this, the idea behind the logo is strong and the Arizona theme is well executed. The head itself is also a strong logo and could work by itself. 


Overall, three well executed logos, and congrats on your 4th place finish. 



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I really like the new head you made for the Coyotes. I'd use that as primary, with a thick tan outline. The current primary you made is a little too busy and boxy for a main crest, although it would  make a perfect shoulder patch.

Other than what others mentioned, the Oilers and Islanders are flawless.

Great work!



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The guide that I usually use when making a logo is to squint at it. If you can't clearly tell what it is, then you need to rework it.


The Oilers logo passes that test, although I think the alternate on blue could use either a white gear or a white outline. 

The Coyotes logo just doesn't have nearly enough contrast and the lines are way too thin. The brick and black are too close to be distinguishable.

The Isles mark is better, but again the line thin-ness makes it too tough to work out what it is. The shield doesn't really work, maybe look at different shape options for the background?

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