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51 minutes ago, agentrygraphics said:



I don't follow Italian football, but I thought AC Milan always wore red and black vertical stripes...? This is their home kit? Their supporters must not be happy campers right now.


I’m assuming this is their third kit - I think their new home is reckoned to be a fairly straightforward striped affair.

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On 5/12/2018 at 10:22 AM, adobo said:

Will I be burned at the stake for suggesting that Nike has been better than adidas for clubs this year? I know adidas has been untouchable the past few years, and Nike not so much, but I haven't really seen much from adidas so far that's impressed me. It's been too much recycled material for my liking. At least Nike has been trying to make new, original looks, even if some of them aren't so popular.

I have to disagree. I've grown quite tired of the raglan sleeves, especially for clubs like Inter and Barca.  

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14 minutes ago, PaperThin said:

While it's not traditional by any means, I do love this kit for some odd reason. The striping near the sponsor is confusing, but it's neat and better than boring flat vertical stripes.

Agreed. If there's one upside to Nike being on its third year of very similar templates which lack much customization (not saying that's a good thing), it's that it's forced them to get creative with some otherwise familiar looks.


...having said that, can they please have something refreshing next time 'round?

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The names/numbers on the new Juventus home kit will have a shiny black border around them:


Not a huge fan of the shiny effect, but I do like how the outline thickens up the font a bit. My main gripe with it this season was that it was a bit too thin for my liking:updated-juventus-18-19-home-kit-font+%25

It’s too bad the rest of the kit is a downgrade from this season’s kit, though.

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