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New logos for Bethlehem Steel - they've lightened their gold to match the Union's new gold, and added a secondary logo.




Here's the old one:




Man, Philadelphia's new colors are such an improvement.


This is the secondary logo, but it was unveiled before the new gold.  Presume they'll be lightening the color on this one as well.



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A couple of Hull City-based kit notes, if I may...


First, they're not that common a sight in Englandshire but we're sporting a commemorative patch on our shirts in the FA Cup tonight - marking 50 years since the Triple Trawler Tragedy...




Also, I wasn't aware of this but it would seem that the Football League's new(ish) shirt font includes lowercase letters for certain applications...



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Now that the new Sacramento Republic has officially unveiled their jerseys, I can finally show everyone what I’ve been up to the last week. Just a bit of background, I've worked for the club for several years now, and I recently got the opportunity to make all of the club’s jerseys both for the players as well as for retail. I've been working my butt off getting these ready, and have heat pressed several hundred in the past few days. With that being said, here they are! 




It’s so cool knowing that every time I see the team take the field for a match, or see a fan walk around wearing one of of these, that I’ll have had a hand in creating it.


Here's a link to some more pictures


Also, here's a few looks at the process I went through to create these. 







I'll try to get a few more pictures up close in the next several days. The sleeves have a watermarked/sublimated star pattern (our beveled star from the logo) which I wasn't too crazy about at first, but have warmed up to since I started this project. I also think the white trim really helps the whole home look pop. I absolutely LOVE the road jersey, too. The hoops are a little generic when it comes to soccer, but it's a great look that harkens back to Republic's original road kit, which was white with tan hoops. 


The funniest thing to me is looking at the photoshoot pictures and cringing at the little mistakes I made with some of these jerseys (sponsor look not quite straight, crest too far over to one side, wrong sized sponsor patch on a few of them, ect), and knowing that most people, even those on here, will never even notice. 



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