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Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups


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The 2017-2018 NFL Playoffs are set, and 12 teams are setting their minds on the Lombardi Trophy. But, what would be the most aesthetically beautiful Super Bowl? Here are mine.


Favorite: (vikings in purple pants)


Image result for bills vs vikings


Image result for jaguars eagles


Image result for vikings patriots

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I know this won't exactly fly with some of the board vets, but I'll throw this in as my personal perfect matchup:

  • I really don't like the Jags current unis at all, but seeing them in a Super Bowl would be a masterpiece to my eyes in any case. :) 
  • If they were miraculously allowed to bend the rules and wear teal, ohhhh baby!
  • Bright colors look good for the Super Bowl, imo.
  • I've personally always been partial to the 90's glory that is the teal and purple color scheme. Can't say particularly why, but I just can't get enough of it.

Putting the Jags in any ideal matchup scenario is pretty controversial and I understand how a lot of folks would want to avoid this for general aesthetic reasons, but that won't keep me from keeping my fingers crossed. ;) 



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46 minutes ago, Jezus_Ghoti said:

The AFC is the "home" team this year, which creates a slight possibility we will see these abominations:



I doubt any of the AFC teams will elect to wear white, though.

I really hope whoever is the AFC Champ is elects to wear white so the world can see these!

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I have to think that the league would relent and allow the throwbacks in the Owl.  They just have to - there's no way they could market those jerseys, and it would create a goofy situation where those special-edition super bowl uniforms (The ones that are a standard template and don't match the team-specific ones) would have a whole other color scheme than the ones being worn in the actual game.


It's probably a moot point, since if the AFC chooses white, we'll end up with this, minus the dirt bag with the ball in his hand.*  I can't imagine that the Eagles would go with black-black, though presumably that would be allowed... right?  Didn't Carolina wear blue one year in the playoffs?




*though as mentioned, the Eagles are probably going to disqualify themselves from the playoffs.

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