Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

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1 hour ago, Gupti said:

If there is a living, breathing human being out there who is shaking in their shorts out of fear that the Eagles, in the most important game for their franchise in 14 years on the biggest stage in sports, would choose to wear a combo that they haven't worn in 16 years (read: since before the last most important game for the franchise) when the alternative is to wear their regular home combo that is not only the primary representation of the franchise's entire brand but is also a combo that they literally have not lost once in all season...


...then god rest their soul.


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4 hours ago, AgentColon2 said:

I can't believe no one has thought about the horror that could be monochrome midnight green.



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On 1/6/2018 at 11:19 AM, ARTnSocal said:


No they don't....


The socks are the problem 


They need to toss the purple socks in favor of white socks when wearing the purple pants.


It would make a total difference for the better.

Agreed, except white socks are boring. They should switch to yellow instead.

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1 hour ago, MCM0313 said:

Agreed, except white socks are boring. They should switch to yellow instead.

Or just wear white pants and continue the classic look they have worn for most of their existence

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My take on what teams in the future, if there the designated home team in the Super Bowl, would opt for white:

Bills--yes, being 0-1 in white and 0-3 in blue in past SB's

Dolphins--maybe, being 1-1 in white and 1-2 in aqua in past SB's

Jets--yes; their only SB win (III) was in white

Patriots--possibly, depending on how they do Sunday

Bengals--don't know; their first SB loss was in black, with their most recent loss in white

Browns--maybe, since their current preference is to wear white at home

Ravens--sure; they're 2-0 in the big game, wearing white jerseys both times

Steelers--tough call as they're 3-1 in both black and white

Colts--yes; they're only 2 wins were in white. On the other hand they wore blue for their two losses

Jaguars--I will say no, as they've never gotten this far

Texans--see Jaguars

Titans--I would lean towards saying yes, since they lost XXXIV wearing navy

Broncos--to continue a streak enhanced two years ago when they beat Carolina

Chargers--I don't think so, as they lost their only SB wearing white

Chiefs--Nope; their most recent appearance was a victory wearing red

Raiders--Although black is their preference, they are 1-1 wearing this color and 2-1 wearing white. I would call this a toss-up

Cowboys--The answer is obvious

Eagles--Since they won the Lombardi in green, they probably won't fall for this gobbledygook

Giants--I will say so, as their last two victories were in white

Redskins--I wouldn't be surprised since they are 3-1 in white and 0-1 in burgundy

Bears--Their only Super win was in white,with their only Super loss was in navy. I would say yes

Lions--Same reasoning as the AFCs teams in Houston and Jacksonville

Packers--No way; their most recent win was in green

Vikings--Dunno; they lost 2 SBs in each color choice

Buccaneers--Not if their only SB appearance was in red

Falcons--If they are 0-1 in black and 0-1 in red, I will say so

Panthers--Yes for two reasons: 1) They lost their most recent appearance 2 years ago wearing black, 2) The organization's obsession with having all their post season wins in white

Saints--Despite wearing black full-time this past season in the Superdome, they probably would opt for white since that's what they wore in XLIV in their victory

Cardinals--I will say yes, having lost in red nine years ago

Rams--Their only win was in white, and they are obsessed with wearing white as their primary home color

Seahawks--Makes me wonder as they are 1-0 in white and 0-2 in blue, even though they have never worn white in any home appearance over the years.

49ers--Even though they wore red when they lost their last SB, they have three earlier Super victories wearing red--the color I predict they would wear the next time around if their designated as the home team.

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Update b/c SB LII is over

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3 hours ago, RayFinkle said:

Quick side note, the 'white jersey winning the SB' streak is now OVER!!!!!!!!





And they'll be in green next year against the Patriots in white again, so a new dark-team-winning streak will be started.  Not sure how this will work in LIV, but maybe the Patriots will again be dummies and choose to wear white.

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Give it a month, and @BringBackTheVet will be predicting a split squad Eagles Super Bowl. Carson Wentz in white, and Nick Foles in nWo black.

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