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Football (Soccer) concepts by OlavoP


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Decided to post some football concepts here, I'm currently using Berlin Wall's template.

Here is a Lyon alternative set I made for a competition where whe should create uniforms based on pieces of clothes we own. I made it based on some Under Armour boxers and was actually pretty pleased with the final result:


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Made this for a second competition, but I really liked the concept and will for sure do more.

The idea is to convert football boots designs into templates from the brands that make them.

I decided to make the Adidas Copa 18.1, because it's the first Adidas boot already released for next year and has two leaked colorways.




The colors are taken directly from the colorways and the striped design is based on the sole design.

Since the idea was to create templates I made it with generic logos (similar to some actual adidas shirts), but I may try and apply some teams to those later.

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