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3 hours ago, mcrosby said:

So...perfect for the Browns?


Thanks for the awesome feedback. 


New York Jets: combined eras, updated the J-E-T



New York Giants: I've been really struggling with the Giants. I wanted to take the monogram and give it a tall building feel, looming over. This one's not done yet. 



The giants monogram seems too much like a corporate logo to me, It also reads as an M at first glance. I love what your doing thus far, but I think you should scrap the giants one and restart from scratch. The Giants logo will be hard to redesign, but I can't wait to see what you have in store!

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1 hour ago, mcrosby said:

I'll come back to the Giants. I'm very open to any ideas you may have for them. 


LA Rams: 


This is one of my favorites so far, simple but amazing.

Would love to see that logo on some gear, great job

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Absolutely love the Jets Logo... perfect! 


Giants, I really like the first one... maybe make the perspective a little deeper, like the updated one. And add a cap. think Chrysler Bldg top.


Rams, I like a lot. A LOT!

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Going to take more time off from the Giants. Until then...


Green Bay Packers: What to do with the greatest logo of all time (pardon my bias)? Well I started by making the green a bit more blue, then moved back to the football shape that was originally intended. That didn't feel like enough of a divergence from the original, so I started playing with laces. This one's going to need some C&C. 



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Nice move on the packers, it is very dificult to rebrand this logo. But I like it with the laces, nice concept.


Maybe you have to try somthing with the "G" mixed in the "B" or with their logo from the 60's?

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