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same name, same team, same number

Ferdinand Cesarano

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Every time I see the Nets' Joe Harris wearing no. 12, I think of Lucious Harris.






A half-credit goes to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson wearing the no. 24 that will always be associated with Richard Jefferson.






I think the most famous example of this phenomenon is Jack Clark and Will Clark both wearing no. 22 for the Giants.






Recently I saw someone walking around wearing one of those Yankee t-shirts that improperly feature the player's name.  It said "JOHNSON 41".  And I thought: "Wow, that guy sure is a big fan of Cliff Johnson!"  Then I remembered about Randy Johnson.






A case from international soccer is Tomas Müller wearing the no. 13 for Germany that had been worn by Gerd Müller.





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Interesting topic.  The impact is kinda lost with a team like the Yankees who don't have names on any jerseys (or even with a uniform change like that Nets example), but it's amusing to see that Clark example.  Those were both good players...and anyone that has a history of buying jerseys has had their jerseys become outdated.  It would have been great to have had your Jack Clark jersey become viable again. 


As soon as I saw the thread, I thought this had happened to one of my teams, but I'm not recalling who...

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Guess I'll be going down this research rabbit-hole for the next couple weeks. Here are the first ones I could find where pictures of both were available:

Phil & Alton Ford wearing #1 for the Houston Rockets.



Gus & Shammond Williams wearing #1 for the Seattle Sonics



Marcus & Terrence Williams wearing #1 for the New Jersey Nets



Joe & Wesley Johnson wearing #2 for the Phoenix Suns


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It's kinda silly to post photos of the front of people's jerseys, since the entire topic is based on matching backs


You all fail, except for the Will/Jack Clark pic - that was pretty great.



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