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Don't Call it a Comeback: The Grand Return of the XFL (New York Posted 6/11)


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On April 21, 2001 at the conclusion of the first of that American staple we call "The Big Game at the End", as we watched the Xtreme lift that big X over their heads, we thought that the XFL would be taken away from us forever. But apparently, there are rumblings that the X Football League might be fixin' to make a comeback! Now if that's true, which I hope it is, first of all I'll be tuning in for sure, and second of all they're gonna have to tone down the 2001 more than a few notches. Especially with NFL ratings in steep decline this season, this is the perfect time for Vince McMahon to swoop in and create the Anti-NFL, or the Xtra-Fun League, if you will. But image is everything. And safety, safety's probably in there somewhere too. We'll see.


So I want to get way out ahead of the rumors and set up what I think would be a fitting return for the XFL 18 years later. I'm not gonna quibble over the actual rulebook, I'll let them figure that out, but I do know what I'd like to see design wise. Here are my design rules:


1. There are no rules! Actually, there are a few. They're right here.


2. No white allowed. Off-white is allowed in small doses, as well as silver, but stark white is not allowed on Logos, Uniforms, or Merchandise of any kind.


3. Helmets are a canvas. No more small, tame, rinky-dink helmet logos. Helmets should be loud and expressive of a team's design, serving as the centerpiece of their uniform.


4. 3 logos per team, no more and no less. They are as follows; Insignia: main logo, Proxy: secondary, Character: letter logo


5. 3 uniforms per team, no more and no less. They are as follows; Base: worn at home, Clash: worn on the road, Army: outside the box third jersey worn at home.


6. Unique NOBs are still allowed, but have to be approved before being applied to jersey.


So there you have 'em, my official design rules for the XFL! I'll be following these closely for all eight teams (more on teams ahead).



The New Official Logos of the XFL


The original XFL logo was rushed and horrible, so I wanted to make a logo that would completely change people's view of the league. Modernized, but as no nonsense as always. This was my creative process, pardon the roughness.




Early thoughts were that I'd like to include a lightning bolt in the X or make the X from negative space, but I ended up choosing something closest to the lowest logo on the center left because I liked the unique shape and inclusion of a football. After some retooling, I ended up with a result I'm really happy with that includes an Insignia, Proxy, and Character logo for the league. The Insignia uses a combo football/shield shape with half of the X made by stitches; football or otherwise.






Here's the thing, I don't know the teams yet. I know the cities, but I don't know the teams. The reason being this is going to be a step-by-step project so I'll be including my entire process, part of which is choosing the names of all 8 teams. I'd love to hear any names you can come up with as well! Here are the eight locations:


Boston (new)


Detroit (new)

Las Vegas


New York

St. Louis (new)

Texas (new)



So there it is, The new XFL! What do you think of the idea, setup, and first trio of logos? Your feedback is incredibly important to me, so don't hold back with the C&C! Thanks guys, and stay tuned for Boston!


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Yeah the Boston Brawlers are the defunct FXFL team. I think Boston Bruisers is very viable though. Their color scheme could even be black and blue ;)


Posse were already a CFL team, although in Vegas, and I just hate that word for some reason. Renegades seems a bit cliche, but Vigilantes is interesting. However, I don't know what the imagery would be.


The STL Stampede were an ArenaFL team in the 90's, and even though I like the name, I'd like to use unique names, especially unique to a region/state.

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What no SF. The demons were in the championship game for crying out loud. In all seriousness this I feel is 10 times better my attempt so I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. 



Boston Malitia (I know I just spoiled my AFL stuff but you can go ahead and use it)

St Louis Attack.

Keeping all the original cities teams the same 

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Detroit: Engine, Motor, Mustangs, Burn (skid marks) Drive

maybe something not car related? Like Lakers or something


Boston: Bruisers is a good name I like that, maybe gunners or something related to the revolutionary war 


Texas: Patroits, rampage, hurricanes, I mean so much works for Texas you can really go in any direction 


St. Louis Archers? I don’t have that many ideas.


Excited for whats in store!

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Hmmm...hard to come up with names that don't fall back in to the same hole as XFL 1.0.


Chicago...Crusaders? I dunno, just trying to think of something other than Enforcers.




I dunno about LA having a team now that the Rams and Chargers are trying to share the market, well, mainly the Rams trying to be the big brother over there.

- Hollywood Blockbusters?

- Hollywood Superstars?

- Hollywood Moguls?

- LA Avengers (I know, I know, old Arena league team name, but I still like that one).


New York...Gargoyles? I dunno. Maybe the uniforms can have an Art Deco approach?

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Wooow! Now those are some sugs! Love 'em all, but here's what I'm thinking so far:


I didn't really plan on keeping any of the same names, actually. Maybe Vegas, but that would be all. Xtreme just doesn't transfer, and Enforcers and Hitmen are pretty weak.


Boston: I do really like Bruisers, but I'm not married to it. I don't however wanna do anything Revolutionary War related since the Patriots and Revs pretty much have that theme covered. Although Rebellion is wicked sweet.


LA California: I've decided to change LA to all of California so SF's not left out. That said, I'm thinking Mountain Lions. 


Chicago: I actually really like Wind MSF, but maybe of a fiercer variety. Chicago Windstorm maybe? Cyclones seems obvious, what about Whirlwind?


Detroit: Muscle. Got there from Bellaspurs' great Detroit sugs.


LV: Gamblers is very strong, and probably better than my dad's proposition of "One Armed Bandits" :P.


New York: Gargoyles is in fact AWESOME. I'm gonna have a hard time outdoing that.


St. Louis: What are some other ideas for STL? Gatekeepers is pretty BA but it's not really Xtreme enough. It's a pretty hard city to make a name for tbh. Something beer related would be primo.


Texas: I like Wranglers, but I think it would be cool to base the name off of the "Everything's bigger in Texas" motto. Or Bigfoot. Texas Bigfoots would be pretty cool imo.


The feedback so far has been amazing, keep it coming!

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Boston Leviathans (Massive Whale Mythological Creature)
Chicago Tempests
Las Vegas Atoms (Atomic City, Faux-Retro styling involved)
California Conquistadors
St. Louis Brauers (German for Brewers)

I do like the Texas Bigfoots

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6 hours ago, mcrosby said:

I think fewer laces in the league logo would help, as of now it looks like a train track. 


I can see the comparison, but that would leave only three laces which seems like too few.


28 minutes ago, mcrosby said:

As far as cities go, I'd say combine the former XFL with the former UFL. Some great names in those former teams too. 


That's actually a good idea, and those helmet stripes were pretty xtreme in their own right, but I'm pretty happy with the first 8 locations. Expansion's always a possibility though, you never know. And oh crap, the mountain lions! I had no idea! Could still use I guess, that UFL logo needs some tidying up.


3 hours ago, lbj273 said:

I think the league logo needs some sort of splash of color in form of an outline.  I would probably go red so it keeps the colors of the original logo while being completely fresh and new at the same time


Thats not a bad idea, but I honestly wanted the colors to be dark and subdued to counteract the team schemes, which will be bright and unique, to put a spotlight on the teams and the fans rather than the league itself. More of the Anti-NFL mindset. ;) In addition each team will have their colors transferred onto the logo, same as the MLS did.

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Texas Armadillos is great...Texas Skunks...Texas Chupacabras so many wild animals that you see all the time out here all the time!!! Go creative of course...things you don't see much.


Chicago Aldermen (Chicago's most powerful politicians)


Las Vegas Bandits (one armed bandits = slot machine)


California Quakes 


Boston Bruisers (black & blue) is good...Boston Beanpie (probably some historical urban dictionary slang there)


St. Louis Sizzurp or St. Louis Sizzle 

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15 hours ago, Bruins said:

New York: Gargoyles is in fact AWESOME. I'm gonna have a hard time outdoing that.

It is, indeed, awesome. On Tuesday, I suggested the same identity for a New York-based franchise in WideRight's "USFL Alternative History" thread in the "Sports Fan Fiction" forum. Talk about a small world.

As for XFL team identity suggestions...

Boston Massacre - As a counterpoint to the colonial-themed identities of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution, your Boston-based XFL franchise could adopt 18th century British Army imagery. Perhaps a demonic Redcoat could serve as the team's mascot and appear in the logos?

California Shock - As in the "aftershock" following an earthquake.

Chicago Butchers - Referencing the Chicago Stockyards and their role in establishing Chicago as the "hog butcher of the world".

Las Vegas Venom - Rattlesnakes. Scorpions. Black widow and desert recluse spiders. There are a lot of deadly creatures that you can run into in the desert surrounding Las Vegas. This identity pays homage to the damage their toxic touch can do to you.

New York Kongs - Raw, animal fury rules over the city. Behold, the Wonder of the Gridiron World!

St. Louis Crusaders - A nod to the city's namesake, King Louis IX of France.  

Texas Vigilantes - From the close of the Civil War until the recommissioning of the Texas Rangers in 1873, outlaws in the State of Texas were as likely to be brought to justice by bands of vigilantes as they were by the rank-and-file legal system. Resorting to brute force - including whippings and hangings - these "committees" of vigilantes eventually threatened to become as big a problem as the lawlessness they had sought to curb. They themselves were finally broken up by the Texas Rangers in 1897.    



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Okay, XFL names, some of these I'm seconding...

Boston: Renegades, Terrors (like "Boston Terriers")

Chicago: Chill, Shakedown, Dons

Detroit: Diesels

Los Angeles: Gladiators, Legion (of demons..?), Mastodons

New York: Gargoyles, Emperors

St. Louis: Xplorers

Texas: Terror, Massacre (as in chainsaw)

Las Vegas: Venom, Vice, Blackjax, Luck, Silverbax

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