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Which cookie-cutter template (any sport) do you actually like?

Brave-Bird 08

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My favorite, at the high school basketball level anyways, was when Nike offered the Duke style about 4 years ago. Almost every team that went with it looked 100 times better than their previous looks, the only failures happened when they changed their colors to something more popular (i.e. gray to anthracite).

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21 hours ago, Lights Out said:

This was technically a template that Russell offered in its catalog, though I only ever recall Georgia Tech wearing it:








Austin Peay also wore that template (jersey only, not the pants).



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On 1/13/2018 at 12:33 AM, Brave-Bird 08 said:

We know there's dozens of awful ones out there, but which templates (any sport, any era) that were worn by numerous teams were actually up your alley? 


My vote: 


Image result for uncw men's basketball


Image result for uncw basketball 2017


Image result for kennesaw state basketball







UNC-Wilmington looks fantastic. Of course, with that color scheme I can't imagine them looking bad.

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I like this one . . . minus South Carolina's camo shorts.




I also remember other teams wearing this template, but I don't remember which ones.  I was disappointed to see it on other teams because it was Maryland's signature (?) look during the late 90s - early 00s.



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