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Tampa Bay Buccaneers refresh


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Happy 2018! Here's to being more active on the boards this year and we're gonna start it off with an attempt to fix my favorite NFL team: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The goal was to take the best parts of all three eras of Buccaneers uniforms and synthesize them to a modern look that could stand the test of time.




Moving the Bucs back to a white shell opens up the throwbacks as an alt uniform which ,while not particularly my favorite thing, are an undeniable fan favorite. One of my favorite things about the new uniforms is the bigger flag on the helmets but I would like to see the Bucs to it even more and really turn the helmet into the flag flying forward. I tried at first to have a red shell with the Skull and Sabers only but I didn't like it near as much as the shape the flag makes across the side blown up. I played with black, red, orange, white and pewter facemasks but I like the chrome masks the best.


Eras Taken: 70s Shell, 10s mask and huge logo


Standard Uniforms (L-R, Top-Bottom: Standard Home, Alt Home, Color Rush, Standard Road, Alt Road)


First obvious fix is no more dang alarm color numbers, but from the current era I keep the reflective chrome outlines on the numbers and the shoulders.  The front comes to a point which is a holdover from when I planned to carry over the random bits of orange on the current uniforms. The ends of the Shoulders are red with striping meant to evoke the motion of a sword. It starts as traditional striping across the back inspired by the 70s set and moves to a point on the front. This replaces the random bits of orange on the current fronts.

A common pant fix for Bucs is to make a saber like stripe along the side. I started out with a style of sword pulled straight from the logo but I didn't like how pewter touching chrome looked even with the tips in red. This morphed to taking the shoulder end striping and putting it on the pants.

Eras Taken: 70s  sleeve striping and helmet shell, 00s numbers color order, 10s chrome facemask, chrome reflective numbers, shoulders


It's the return of the Creamsicles. As I designed this I think what bugged me about the Creamsicles (besides the culture of losing associated with them) is that Bay Orange is really overpowering on that set but I believe the Blood Red on the tips and white shoulders tops cuts that a bit. The reflective bits on the number come off to really send home the throwback look but the striping remains the same to bring the look into the current era.

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Personally, I love the helmet design - love how it looks from the front and I really like the white.


I think the template you've used makes the jersey designs look a little off, as the sleeve design doesn't go right to the bottom of the sleeve at the front and the elastic part of the sleeve is often different colours on the front and back.


I dont think the numbers are too low, I think the sleeve design that gives the appearance. The numbers are too big and maybe a little too thick, but the style is so much better than what they currently have. 


The pant design doesn't really fit with the jersey are helmet - would prefer if the colour on the pant used some elements from the jersey or helmet to make them fit in with the rest of the design. 


Overall good start.

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I'm going to just use the Primary Home/Roads for Tweaks and then I'll apply them to the other 6 uniforms


Buccaneers Concept v.2
-Traditional striping on the shoulders continues to the front

-Buccaneer ship alt is now on the shoulders with a Blood Red Outline to help it stand out. Naturally the ship charges forward on both shoulders

-Updated pant striping. The saber is a bit longer and now follows the Red-Orange-White (outside->in) pattern of the shoulders to tie together.

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First off, couldn't believe I missed this. I was impressed with the quality of work you had in the Logolympiad, so I've been keeping an eye out for other concepts that you do that give you the time needed to really flesh out the details.


Secondly, the updates to the pants stripe were the right call. I was going to say the original design's pants weren't working for me.


I really like the helmet, increasing the size of the flag was the right call, and it puts the skull and sabers on display. I personally don't like the shoulders being different in color to the rest of the jersey (especially on the road whites), but that's just my preference.

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