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NBA Changes 2140-2141

the admiral

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31 minutes ago, Teal said:

This is stupid.


Great contrubution. Go back to asking if anyone has seen new uniforms every 5 minutes. Remind me - what exactly do you contribute to the community again?


On topic - I heard that after more than 100 years of bitching about Nike and their 50 lines of jerseys for each team - icon, association, pride, city, statement, Vogue, flare, Flair (wooooo), Blue-collar, white-collar (literally - they added collars to jerseys), stress sensing (they changed colors depending on the stress level of the athlete so you could tell who was gonna choke), etc), the rights were acquired by Speedo, who has revolutionized the look of the league by outfitting players in nothing but, well, Speedos. Advertising patch over the junk, number on the ass. Home, road, alt only. (Charlotte had to get special waivers from local authorities to continue with their side panels, which had to move to the front, leaving nothing to the imagination)


Embarassing moment when most of the North Korean players (they’ve basically taken over the league after anialating most of the basketball playing countries) are caught stuffing their Speedos with socks (and in one case a shoe) so they can live up to the propaganda that they all have penises the size of pythons, when in reality they’re hung like light switches. 



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