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Same Name, Same Number, Same City, Different Sport


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I know we're getting pretty specific but I also think there are some more examples of this happening. Same name and number in the same city, but playing a different sport.

I'll lead it off with three guys wearing the same name and number in the greater Boston area.

Henry "Bill" Walker (played 29 games for the Celtics in '08-'09), Todd Walker (144 games for the Red Sox in '03), and Mike Walker (8 games kicking for the Patriots in 1972).



Photo isn't great for Mike but once I settled on number 12 I was so surprised to find any other Patriot had ever worn the number that I had to use it.


Anyone have any other examples? If not I guess this goes to the graveyard.

Happy hunting!

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I suppose these may be cheating, but they fit the theme.


Jim Brown, #44, Syracuse Football, Jim Brown, #44, Syracuse Basketball.  Brown also played lacrosse at Syracuse, but as far as I can tell he didn't wear # 44 for lacrosse.


UzCm1gG.png?1     5A3qMbc.jpg


Donovan McNabb, # 5, Syracuse Football, Donovan McNabb, # 5, Syracuse Basketball


tjn4iCC.jpg     8Mr3ukR.jpg?1



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