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IFHL - International Floor Hockey League


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I had a crazy idea. I'm going to make an entirely new sport, and league, inspired by my previous attempt at this, the NFHL. This is the International Floor Hockey League. The rules, playing field, etc, will all be the same as the previous NFHL. There will be six different divisions, each with five teams in it. The North/South American Divisions, the European Division, the Asian Division, the African Division, and the Oceanian Division. 30 teams total. Some teams will have moved up from the previous NFHL and other local leagues, some will be brand new. Here are the locations of the divisions and the teams.



Because I've never really tried a project this big before, it'll take a while to get it all done. I'll drop each division one at a time, starting with North America tomorrow.

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No Perth team?! Half of Australia is now disenfranchised.


Just kidding, this looks great. But you should have a team in Western Australia, the Gold Coast have a pretty unstable history with sports teams.



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On 1/17/2018 at 1:47 PM, CodeG said:

interesting... Will you expand with more teams eventually? 


That's a possibility, it really depends on how I'm feeling after I finish this. I'll take the places everybody wants to expand into consideration if that happens.


Here's the North American Division.



The first team is the Colorado Centennials. The team is named after the fact that Colorado was founded in 1876, 100 years after America as a nation was founded. The logo includes that year, 1876, as well as the team's name, the famous Colorado C, as well as a mountain forming out of the text and peaking in the center of the C. The uniforms are inspired by the Colorado flag, featuring a chest stripe surrounded by the red and yellow inside the flag. The organization was previously the Colorado Bucks, but since they were moving on to a larger stage, they decided to rebrand to more proudly support their State.



Next up is Empire State HC. The team is another holdover from the IFHL , and there's not a lot of changes in their identity. They've got the classic orange/white/blue NYC color scheme, and maintain their Empire State Building logo, but the only notable changes are in the socks and pants, as well as the white and orange flipping places on the home jersey.



The third team is another holdover from the NFHL. The Los Angeles Gold have always had minimalist striping, but these jerseys remove the chest stripe and move for arm striping that still remains minimalist. Really not a whole lot to say on these ones.



This is the last of the NFHL teams, I promise. The Toronto Nationals are a club with some history, and despite having chest sashes in their last uniforms, these take it back to a more Canada-inspired look, with simple chest stripes reminiscent of the nation's flag.



Lastly, we've got a new team, the Vancouver Mountain Lions. I would've gone for the Vancouver Cougars, but there's already a football team using that name, so this was the next best thing. The team's got a look really similar to that of the Penguins, but is the only team in the division to use shoulder striping like they do. And in Nike tradition, the war on full striping continues, with their arm stripes being cut off at the arm pits.


And there's the first division! What do you think? Chances are, it'll be a while until the next one comes out. 


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