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This is a revisiting of a topic that has been dormant for quite some time due to images being removed by a 3rd party host. I now have a new 3rd party host and want to put this concept out there one more time. It was originally set up to be a collaborative work involving Mr. MJ Walker and myself but I am doing this on my own for now. If you want to come back on board Mr. Walker please reply I like your work and want to start by giving you credit for the uniform designing that you did.


We start anew with the league shield concept that is based off of the musical "We Will Rock You" by Queen and Ben Elton


Next are the 2 conference logo concepts. The NAC for North American Conference and the UKC for the United Kingdom Confere


Let me know your thoughts.



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11 minutes ago, RealSkillsAbraham said:

These are pretty cool!

Thanks, I was hoping that I could rekindle some interest from this topic of the past. Next up are AC/DC in the UKC and The Grateful Dead in the NAC. I am also open for suggestions. Other teams that have possibilities are The Rolling Stones in the UKC and Rush in the NAC. Your thoughts are always welcome.

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1 minute ago, RealSkillsAbraham said:

Led Zeppelin & Metallica?


Plus my dad is a huge fan of Nirvana!

Not bad! I'll keep these teams in mind as I continue to develop the league. Led Zeppelin in the UKC and Metallica in the NAC Right?  The name Nirvana actually means - blowing out  which is hopefully what the team will do to their opponents. lol

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2 hours ago, The Nati MacDaddy said:

Yes that is correct. Rush and Bachman Turner Overdrive are the Canadian representatives. Do you have another in mind?  Love to hear your suggestions.


The Tragically Hip.


and let me be first to say NO NICKELBACK. :D

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Here is the 4th team in the UKC. I follow the "Dead" with the "Led" Let's hear your thoughts. I decided to go with the color scheme used on their Mothership album. I also added the band members' name logos as a sticker on the back of the helmet. Jimmy Paige's logo was also used as part of the jersey number and pant stripe. Next team will be Metalica in the NAC.

Led_Zep_Wordmark.png   Led_Zeppelin_secondary_logo.png  Led_Zeppelin_hekmet_logo.png   Led_Zep_sticker.png





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