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Seattle Sea Lions NHL Brand Exploration 2/1 Dark/Light Unis


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If you've followed my concepts at all then you'd notice that the logos are my strong suit and the unis are few and far between. That said here is the Alternate Uniform concept for the Seattle SeaLions:


I tweaked the Space Needle mark a bit to work it into the stripe pattern:



I know it may seem a bit too detailed/busy, but it is an alternate.

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6 hours ago, Dan O'Mac said:

The upside down Space Needle is a no in my book


I agree, but when upside down it also kinda looks like a mountain, like the Cascades right next to Seattle.


Just for the sake of   S T R I P I N G   C O N S I S T E N C Y ,   I'd like to see the arms carry the same pattern as the waist. It'd unify the brand a little better.

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