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XFL 2020 Logos, Names and Uniforms

The Golden One

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39 minutes ago, shaydre1019 said:


As a Houston sports fan and resident, this is okay, might invoke some nostalgia in older folks, but it just feels really generic. And i feel like some of the really thin lines/strokes are unnecessary. Also, using 'luv ya' blue and red but NOT giving it to the Houston team is a major headscratcher, esp when they chose to go with the colors of the already established NFL team. 


Personally I thought the AAF logos were better executed. 

Pretty sure using the Oilers blue and red with this logo may have skirted a trademark issue a little bit, so rather than a possible issue, they avoided that issue.

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41 minutes ago, Green27 said:

Here's the other LA logo snip from their site. Only other teams with secondary logos on the site page is Houston and TB as posted above. spacer.png


That's no good.  Neither is Houston's secondary.  Oh well, overall this is still a win in my book.

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Re-Born XFL Announces Names, Logos for All Eight Teams

August 21, 2019 - 17:58 PM

After nearly twenty years, the XFL is back. The experimental spring league rising up from the dead, now hopefully wiser than before having learned from the mistakes of both their own failures and those who have fallen since. This afternoon, […]


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1 hour ago, officeglenn said:



I don't like that it appears to have two DC's stacked on top of each other, with the way those bolts come together.  If they fleshed out that in-bolt DC, they could do away with the dopey DC at the bottom of the shield.

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I now present my work of speculative fiction “SBNation/Bleacher Report’s upcoming/released within the past 20 minutes, unresearched, unclever, and overreactive article about the XFL Team Names,”



Vince McMahon’s newly minted XFL released their new logos today to massive fanfare and WOOOOOOOOOOF are they bad! They’re almost as bad as the time Randy Orton was RKO’d by the Rock’s signature Tombstone SUPLEX (Hyperlink to SBNation article)! Below we rank the names and logos of the teams and what we think they should be!




1. Tampa Bay Vipers — This name is great  because Florida is hot and has swamps. Snakes like in hot swamps. It also works because Tampa Bay is close to Miami and rich people drive Dodge Vipers!


The logo is a V and looks like a car logo, which means it’s SLEEK AND COOL. However, they could’ve made it even better by making the logo this photo LeBron James and Dwayne Wade one time in front of a Dodge Viper!


[wade-james -viper.png]


2. Dallas Renegades — This is a cool name for a team that will be competing directly with the Dallas Cowboys! They should have a pretty good shot now the the Cowboys’ best players are holding out for more money (Hyperlink to article about Zeke and Dak)!


The logo is perfect for a team trying to be Dallas’s BAD BOY team and perfect for a league run by Vince McMahon!




3. Seattle Dragons — Dragons don’t exist you DUMMIES! If they were going to name their team after a mythical creature, they should have named the team the BEASTS after Marshawn Lynch who LITERALLY caused an earthquake in 2011! (Hyperlink to article “Why Didn’t They Give The Ball To Marshawn???”).


The Dragon logo is SOOOOOOO generic! We’d replace it with this image of Bruce Lee from “Enter the Dragon” a CLASSIC movie!


4. Los Angeles Wildcats — YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN! What is this, HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL?? (Heh heh, nailed em). This is a league run by VINCE MCMAHON, The man who runs the FLAMBOYANT WWE in LOS ANGELES, a city with TONS OF CULTURE!! Why not name your team after a city icon, like the Los Angeles Black Mambas? Kobe is a TRUE sports legend (Hyperlink to “We’re Gonna pretend Kobe Didn’t Miss 75 Undefended Threes in His Final Game”) and DESERVES a team named after him!


Of course, the name wildcats was used in that early 2000s HBO show that I’m too lazy to look up about football players who commit violence, do drugs, and have plenty of sex! That sounds like the attitude of a team in a league run by WWE’s Vince McMahon!


5. Houston Roughnecks — What the heck is a roughneck? If you ask ME, it sounds too much like Redneck! Believe me, I was roommates in college with a guy who went to vacation in Houston one time, and they do NOT like being called rednecks. If they wanted a really great team name and logo, they should’ve just called themselves the Oilers, but I’m sure the NFL would have been a bunch of no-funs and tried to stop them (Hyperlink to “Roger Goodell is Mean and Stupid for Rightfully Protecting NFL Trademark”).


6. New York Guardians — All anybody is going to think when they watch the Guardians play is “WHERE’S STARLORD? DRAX WOULD’VE CAUGHT THAT BALL! (Insert six more Disney references)” LOL. What exactly is the team guarding? All that bad traffic in Manhattan that makes me late to work??? 


If you’re gonna name your team after a Disney film, there are better logos than the Lion King! We personally like THIS:






The Defenders name and logo are lazy, if they wanted to be super unique, they would’ve have brought back the Washington Federals name and logos!




St. Louis Battlehawks — This is easily the worst and my favorite team name in the XFL. It sounds so extreme and dated, I expect it has an 80’s toy line cartoon show and toy line with it!


The name is also the name of the football team in the CLASSIC Key and Peele football sketch. TWO PUMPS (Embedded YouTube video that won’t work unless you view it on YouTube itself)


The logo is dumb and boring, it should be a giant falcon wearing armor and holding a sword!



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11 minutes ago, DPHF said:


I don't like that it appears to have two DC's stacked on top of each other, with the way those bolts come together.  If they fleshed out that in-bolt DC, they could do away with the dopey DC at the bottom of the shield.

Yeah they are doing the same thing as explaining a joke here. That should have just been an Easter egg

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6 minutes ago, Bucfan56 said:

Y'all are trippin if you thing these are better than what the AAF put out. At least, logo wise, anyway. 


Nah, AAF logos were hands down better. The only XFL logo that matches any of the AAF logos is the Guardians. Maybe the Vipers, but it has such a different vibe than what the AAF had that it's hard to compare. Otherwise, AAF logos win.


But it doesn't matter what your logos are if you can't actually keep the league open. Ultimately, if the XFL can stay open for a few seasons it'll be more notable than the AAF regardless of the comparative quality of the logos.

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3 minutes ago, Bucfan56 said:

Y'all are trippin if you thing these are better than what the AAF put out. At least, logo wise, anyway. 


Yeah, this an overall whelming package to me as well. We’ve got:

-a lawyer-friendly Oilers clone

-the Renegades, who look like a Texas Tech or UNLV concept

-a decent Vipers design

-the Dragons, who look pretty good

-the LA Wildcats, whose inventive “LA” makes up for the generic nickname

-the Battlehawks, who have a serviceable logo and a bland name

-the New York Guardians and their boring name, at least compared to Gargoyles (which the logo kind of supports) or something like that

-an unremarkable DC Defenders logo, perfect for a nondescript name


I get wanting to play it safe. However, it’s not worthy of that much praise.

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1 hour ago, buzzcut said:

The Twitterverse seems to hate both the names and logos.


With good reason. They run the gamut from forgettable to downright terrible. When your best offering is a lawsuit resistance Oilers knockoff you’ve got problems.

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