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XFL 2020 Logos, Names and Uniforms

The Golden One

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1 hour ago, Sodboy13 said:


Champion outfitted XFL 1.0. I don't know who owns the brand now - is it still Sara Lee? - but it's possible that was not the best of partnerships. Champion basically disappeared from pro sports after that.

Sara Lee only exists as a brand name. The company split in two in 2011 with the processed meat part bought by Tyson a year later and the  Champion, Hanes, Playtex were spun off into HanesBrands before the initial XFL season.

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1 hour ago, Ice_Cap said:

That would be hilarious.


My guess is these leagues pay Adidas and UA for the uniforms, rather than Adidas and UA bidding for the supplier rights. The XFL could easily get Adidas, UA, or Nike if they paid them, but my guess is Vince wanted to be wooed, and there were no takers.

As I said a few weeks ago. I think they are still going to concentrate selling Direct To Consumer and at the stadium, as opposed to brick and mortar stores.

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