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XFL 2020 Logos, Names and Uniforms

The Golden One

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Seattle is, interesting. Just like Tampa it’s so close but so far, the helmet is okay, a unique concept (which seems to be a pattern in this league) and the navy uniforms are definitely better than the white. The white just lacks any color balance that the navy sorta has. The side striping is what kills this. Just like with Tampa, it doesn’t match. The pants would be okay on their own if you got rid of the side stripes. 

The white set would be so much more improved if there was any navy at all.

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Seattle seems like what the Amsterdam Admirals would be if NFL Europe still existed. Love the helmet, but the rest could be a lot better. The two biggest disappointments so far are probably Seattle and Tampa, which are honestly the two identities I thought could look best, at least based on my personal tastes.


Anyone "epic fail"-ing this launch as a whole needs something better to get upset about. There's a fair bit of good and a lot of decent on display here. It's not like we're witnessing early 2010s Russell Athletic here, or early 2019 AAF, for that matter.

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Some of these aint bad. Ignoring the monochrome crap and wishfully thinking that some of these teams will wear their white pants here's how I'd rank them:



1. NY Guardians - This is what a football uniform should look like.

2. Dallas Renegades - these are sexy and I love that color scheme (I'm a sucker for baby blue). Replace black with navy and that's how the Titans should look.

3. STL Battlehawks - very nice and clean. Replace the colors with teal, black and gold and that's probably what the Jaguars should have done.

4. DC Defenders - solid if unspectacular.

5. LA Wildcats - basing this solely off the teaser since they haven't been released yet and it could move up or down a few spots. But I don't think they'll be better than DAL or NY or worse than TB or SEA.

6. Houston Defenders - look like if the Texans and Patriots had a baby.

7. Seattle Dragons - Cool helmet, but I don't think navy, green and orange work great together and not a huge fan of side panels.

8. TB Vipers - like the helmet, but not a fan of the double green. This is one team especially that should never wear monochrome.

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