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A Black & White History of the Chicago White Sox (Updates 2/17)


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Hi folks,


Whenever I read rankings of the best uniforms in MLB, I invariably feel the Chicago White Sox should be higher. Though their iconic current logo has been used off and on since the late '40s, it took the team about 80 years to find a color scheme that suits them perfectly, and I feel they should stick to it. This gave me an idea: What if the Sox had found their perfect colors sooner? My idea is to present an overview of the White Sox uniform history using their modern black and silver. While I'll try to stay faithful to each year-specific look, I will be taking some artistic liberty here and there where I feel it results in a more cohesive, satisfying design. 


Up until the 1950s, the Sox changed their uniforms every few years, with most designs lasting only a year or two. Because of this, I won't be tackling every single uniform they wore up until that point; rather, I'll be highlighting the ones that either lasted longest or that I felt were the most interesting. Having said that, if you have any specific requests, I'd be more than happy to try them out. Before I begin, I want to send huge thanks to @Carolingian Steamroller, @Victormrey and @MJD7 for providing many of the templates and numbers used throughout this project. 


Let's start chronologically with the club that won the 1917 World Series:


1917 HOME:



1917 ROAD:



For the 1917 Sox, I added McAuliffe (Red Sox) style numbers as well as cap logos to go along with the jerseys. 


More to come soon!

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Thanks, guys!

Let's continue now with a few uniforms from the early 20th century:


1919 ROAD:



The 1919 road set is a very simple. clean look with zero piping. I added back numbers as well as a matching jersey cap on the logo and a black bill.


1925 ROAD:



The 1925 road set is basically an inverted version of the 1917 home set. This is the kind of look I'd love to see the Sox bring back in some way as a road alternate, possibly with their present day logo. I also made the cap bill white. 


1926 ROAD:



The block "CHICAGO" wordmark makes its first appearance on the 1926 road set. This set also features the all-too short-lived crossed socks logo. 


More to come tomorrow!

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Thanks for the feedback!


Let's move on to the 1930's...


1932 HOME:



In 1931, jersey numbers made their first appearance on the backs of White Sox uniforms. For the 1932 home set, I decided to use a white cap with "Sox" logo in place of the logo-less, solid black cap they actually wore. 





This uniform is an oddity in that it was only worn for one season, and was used both at home and on the road. 


1934 ROAD:



You'll recognize the wordmark on the '34 road set as being similar to the 1976 uniform wordmarks. 


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4 hours ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:

Oddly enough the horseshoe design fares well in the new color scheme because the silver better evokes the image of iron horseshoes. 


I noticed the same thing! 


Anyway, let's finish up the 1930's and enter the '40s...


1936 HOME:



The 1936 home set features a more flowery version of the "S-o-x" logo from the late 1910s as well as some tasteful placket piping. 

1940 HOME:



Starting in 1938, the Sox briefly experimented with a zippered jerseys for a few seasons. Variations on this block "Sox" were used from 1939-48, and the block "C" cap logo was used from '39-45.


1940 ROAD:



The 1940 road set features a block "CHICAGO" wordmark which made its first appearance on a regular Sox uniform the year prior. 


1942 HOME:



Another one-off, the 1942 home uniform features a rare appearance of the team's full nickname across the jersey. 


Next time, the "classic" White Sox look will begin to take shape!

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Thanks, guys!


As promised in my last post, you'll see the classic White Sox look being to take shape with today's update...


1949 HOME:



The 1949 home set features the first appearance of the gothic "Sox" logo which was popularized during the Go-Go Sox era and brought back in 1990. 


1959 HOME:



From the over-sized back numbers, to the NNOB, to the slightly "looser" jersey logo, the 1959 home set is one of my favorite all-time uniforms, and I think it looks pretty great in black and silver. 


1959 ROAD:



The '59 road set is very austere--simple block lettering and no piping or trim other than on the stirrups. 


Next time, we enter the '60s with a few highly underrated sets!

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On 2/2/2018 at 3:03 PM, Carolingian Steamroller said:

I really like the way the 59 set turns out. The 49 S-o-x is refreshingly clean as well. 


Thanks! I agree.


Quick update today as we enter the Swinging '60s...


1969 HOME:



I really like this set. It's like the White Sox answer to the Detroit Tigers' iconic home uniform. If the Sox ever decide to ditch the pinstripes but more or less maintain their current look, this is probably the direction I'd like to see them take.


1969 ROAD:



I've long thought the Sox could improve their current road uniform, and looking to the 1969 set is just one way they could do it. I love the "Chicago" script here, and of course, white on gray would be unique and could be their "thing." 


Let me know what you think!

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These designs are really making me wish that the Sox were black & white from the beginning. Both 1969 sets are stellar, only thing I would do would be to make the back numbers on the ‘69 road white, since that’s such a unique element. Looking good though!

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! @MJD7, I'll get around to doing a tweak of the '69 road set with white back numbers once I'm finished with the whole series.


Let's enter the '70s with another quick update...


1972 HOME:



Pinstripes return for the 1972 home set. This look is pretty similar to the '59 set, minus the silver trim. The numbers also jump from the sleeve to the front of the jersey. 


1972 ROAD:



The Sox briefly resurrected the zippered style jersey for the '72 road set. This is otherwise pretty similar to the '69 road uni, with the addition of sleeve numbers and inverted colors on the script. 


1972 BP:



The Sox were the first Major League club to wear batting practice jerseys, which made their debut in 1972. Strangely enough, I couldn't find any photos of the Sox taking batting practice that season, so I can only assume they wore this pullover jersey with pinstriped pants, which looked pretty bad when I mocked it up. 

Things are going to get a little crazy with the next couple posts, so stay tuned!

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I'm back today with an update featuring maybe the most infamous look in White Sox history...


1976 HOME:



1976 ROAD:



The Sox adopted a very unique look in 1976, sporting un-tucked pullovers with wide collars and Tuscan-style wordmarks and numbers . This one was a simple color swap of black for navy. 


1977 BP:



I'm not sure the exact year the Sox started wearing this jersey, so if anyone knows I'd love to find out. Regardless, I think it looks really sharp in black and silver. 


C&C welcome as always. Next comes the classic beach blanket era!

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