North American Markball League; A Fictional Sport & A Fictional History: 1969 Offseason, Expansion Team Designs Unveiled

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Name: Franklin Hart

Age: 34

Bio: Franklin was a St. Patrick’s day baby, born in 1929 in San Bernardino, California. His father worked as a carpenter, and his mother was one of many fighters for women’s votes. When he was 16, he enrolled to fight in the last two years of the Korean War, which has given him severe PTSD as a result. He currently owns the Deer Antler Craft Brewery in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and supports the Walleye.




1. San Francisco, CA. Franklin thinks that if there’s one thing this league needs to work on, it’s expanding to the west. With a diverse market, there will be plenty of people to fill the seats of Bay Area Stadium, which Franklin will publicly fund to prepare it for the NAML.

2. Miami, FL. Florida is the perfect landing site for a markball team, and could fire up the southeast, a previously untouched market. If the city can support an SEML team, then anything is possible!

3. Dallas, TX. Dallas has missed expansion quite a few times before. Granting this market a team, Franklin says, could pacify the Dallas faithful’s cries for markball.


Alignment: Put San Francisco in the West And Miami in the East.

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Name - Bruno Richard Green, age 36

Bio - Born January 5, 1927, Bruno R. Green was the 3rd child in an 8 child family. Bruno Green excelled in athletics and in the classroom in high school, becoming one of the top markball players in the state. He also led his high school to two straight championships in basketball. After going to Michigan State to play markball, he returned to Evansville to coach and teach history. He is currently looking to help expand the national reach of the game. 


Top cities -

1. Cincinnati - The fan support for their CML team is great, and hopefully more fans will come on board with a new major league team. 


2. San Francisco - Well put together bid. Very very impressed by the stadium quality and the fan interest. 


3. Miami - Where to next than the Sunshine State? Miami would be perfectly ideal for a markball city.


Alginment - 


Put Cincinnati in the East and San Francisco in the West. 

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Sarah Williams, 45 year old professor for University of Maryland. A big Markball fan, her two sons both played. Originally from Asheville, she watches every game she can and has supported movements to create teams in local high schools. After the leagues recent success, she wants more to experience the great game. Her votes go to:


1. Cincinnati; She thinks the fan support would be great and that it’ll help bridge the gap to more southern teams.


2. San Francisco; The west is a very untapped market and this is a (pun intended) gold mine.


3.Houston; Will help fill out the south and has the nicest stadium and will probably have a huge fanbase.


Houston can go to east or west. Cincy to the east, San Francisco to the west

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Name: Donovan Masterton

Age: 45

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Bio: An owner of three car dealerships in the San Diego area, Donovan was originally from Australia and came to the states after living there for 15 years. His father and mother were farmers and they taught him the values that he holds today: That good honest hard work can lead to success. After graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Accounting, Donovan started his own business at a car dealership. The owner of the place died a few years later, allowing the young Donovan to become the new owner of the place and allowed him to combine both his passions: business and selling. His dealerships also very popular as they are the local sponsor for Markball broadcasts in the area. As a former Aussie, Donovan loves how the game feels close to what he grew up watching as a kid. He roots for the Guardians but wishes for the league to come to San Diego one day.


Top Cities:

1. San Francisco. CA: Part of Donovan's wishes is to see the game grow out west. While he is a fan of the Los Angeles Guardians, he secretly wishes for a franchise in San Diego. While he has been in San Francisco in the past, he feels that they would be the best location to help expand the game in the region.


2. Atlanta, GA: On a recent trip to Atlanta to meet with regional Ford dealership owners (One of his best dealerships is a Ford dealership), one of them was a fan of the regional Markball team that has seen the attendance numbers grow year after year. After watching a game with him, Donovan had an epiphany: Atlanta would be a great place to put a team in the league.


3. New Orleans. LA: Donovan's wife, Cherry, is from New Orleans and, like him, a fan of Markball. While she is 10 years younger then him, she grew up watching her team play. She celebrated the team's recent regional league championship. For her, getting a team in her old home town would be a great moment for the city she grew up in and, furthermore, a chance to further her bond with Donovan over something they both love.


Realignment Plan

Eastern Conference: Atlanta, Boston, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington

Western Conference: Chicago, Los Angeles, Michigan, Minnesota, Milwaukee, New Orleans, San Francisco

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Stephen Joseph, 26.

Joseph was born in Vermont in 1942, and right around the time sports started picking up again after WW2, Markball was introduced to him. Fascinated, he tried to get his friends to play markball, but with the closed team in Toronto, and his friends’ love of baseball, nobody would play. When Boston received a team, Joseph’s friends seemed a bit more interested. It was here Stephen realized: he was no good at the sport. In college he wrote for the school’s newspaper about Markball, and this got him a gig with the Burlington Free Press to write about the NAML. When he heard he was part of the expansion council, he was overjoyed. His selections are:


1. Atlanta

2. San Francisco

3. Miami


Stephen believes Markball’s footprint should go south with multiple teams, and expand the game out west. 



5 Divisions





St. Louis





New York 












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Name: John Hicks, 54, from Hickory, North Carolina. Hicks has grown up around the Charlotte area and seen the city grow from a small town to small city in the 1900s. As a car salesman in the area, he saw his dad sell many a car to early NASCAR drivers in the area. As such, he has a massive love for the sport, but in recent years, he's become very interested in Markball. His current favorite team is Minnesota, as he really likes the colors. At least once every year, he makes the drive up to Minnesota to see the Walleye play at home. He would love to see a team come down south, to make it easier to see his beloved Walleye, even if that team isn't from Charlotte.


1. San Francisco - by far the best bid, San Francisco represents a nice entry into the Bay Area, as well as giving LA a partner out west to maybe make the schedule a bit easier on the Guardians.

2. Charlotte - despite a somewhat weak bid, Hicks has faith that the people of Charlotte would quickly adopt a team and support it for a long time. Plus, the advantage of being the only show in town is a big one, with only the minor league Hornets playing in the Queen City. With the city eager to prove itself on the national stage, getting a Markball is good way to start.

3. Miami - expanding down south is a good idea, but Miami gets the nod over Atlanta due to the fact that only the Dolphins play in the city, unlike the three that recently appeared in Atlanta. Miami is a good market that could support a team for years to come, and with strong fan support, Hicks believes the city could do well.


Realignment: Put Charlotte in the East, and San Francisco in the West.

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Name: Hal Boyer

Age: 47

Bio: Boyer was born on August 15, 1922 in Albany, New York to a middle class family. He became enamored by all sorts of sports as a child (particularly Markball), but lacked the athleticism to play it. He was, however, easy going and friendly, to the point when radio was invented and listening to sports broadcasts on the radio, decided he could instead become an announcer for Markball games. Thus, he became the radio voice of the New York Knights when they joined the NAML in 1949, and has since become perhaps the most respected play-by-play man in all of Markball. 

Top Three Cities: 


1. San Francisco, CA: San Francisco is too big of a market at this point to not get an NAML team, plus it would provide the LA Guardians an in-state rival.


2. Houston, TX: Similar to San Francisco, Houston is too big to pass up and would help make Markball more popular in the south.


3. Cincinnati, OH: Cincinnati may not be as big of a market as Boyer's other votes, but the fanbase sounds decent enough to warrant a chance at supporting an NAML franchise, especially in a state where the league has no presence currently.


Realignment Plan: 


Eastern Division: Boston, Detroit, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington

Western Division: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, St. Louis, San Francisco

Edited by BengalSteve
Fixed a typo in the Realignment Plan

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On 8/12/2018 at 2:00 AM, RedfieldNick said:

Derrick Sellars, 25, is a young, hotshot open wheel racer from Eau Claire, Wisconson. He started racing midgets at age 16, filling in for a family friend who was injured. And he won the first race he entered. After that, he competed at his local track for 3 years until he got a surprise visit from AAA Stock Car Racing owner Ed Walsh, who had visited the track after hearing from a source that he was schooling everyone at the track. Which earned him a ride with Walsh’s Kurtis Kraft team. He did not get an Indy 500 win until USAC took over, and he moved teams to drive an Offy fielded by JC Agajanian, where he would win the 1958 Indianapolis 500. There have been rumors of him maybe racing a European-built Cooper in the 1962 running, but as the publically loved Sellars says, “The beans will spill themselves.” He has always been a Milwaukee Dragons fan, and is honored to be a part of the council. He votes for:


1) Los Angeles, CA - As someone said, “Go west, young man”

2) Omaha, NE - Milwaukee being near opens the door wide open for a rivalry

3) Minneapolis, MN - Another rivalry hotspot

Sellars, now 33, surprised everyone by jumping ship to drive NASCAR stock cars, and has instantly become a smash hit in the sport. He chose to switch to NASCAR because he felt like it needed another USAC star to get more love, and he also preferred oval racing because to him, there was a much more complex science in oval racing, and he enjoys finding out the solution in said science. He would drive the #41 Plymouth in the Petty stables, winning 13 races in his 3 years with Petty. He then moved to form his own team, and won the 1966 championship in his own #79 Dodge, winning 8 races. He joins this council once again, and makes the following selections:


1-Dallas, TX - In an effort to expand the game nationally, Dallas can act as a border post for all nontraditional markets.


2-San Francisco, CA - Los Angeles seems very isolated in comparison to the other teams. Time to give them another California team to make them less isolated.


3-Miami, FL - Expanding the sport’s footprint south is extra crucial, and Miami could become the original Southern franchise to bust that market open.


Alignment Plan:


At first, stick with 2 conferences of 7, when the next round of expansion hits, then move to the divisional splitting of conferences. The only change would be to move Michigan into the East if Dallas and San Fran are added, or not move them at all if Miami is added. Either way, divisions in a league with 14 teams will be awkward, and trying to avoid that would be the recommended path.

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W. Harris Reynolds, 40, is a shipping tycoon whose business is based on Long Island. His bids for the 60s are:
1. Atlanta
2. Houston
3. San Francisco

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 Anders Lindberg 31 years old


Lindberg is the owner of Northland Sporting Goods, a regional sports outfitter that sells sports equipment throughout the upper Midwest. He grew up playing Markball and was captain of his high school team, he also played Markball in college. He currently lives in St. Paul Minnesota.

Top Three Cities: 

1. New Orleans, LA

2. Atlanta, GA

3. San Francisco, CA

NAML Alignment Ideas:

Put New Orleans in West, Atlanta in East

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Votes so far (3 points for 1st choice, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd)

1st: San Francisco, CA : 32

2nd: Houston, TX: 12


3rd: Miami, FL: 11

4th: Atlanta, GA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

5th: New Orleans, LA: 9

6th: Cincinnati, OH: 7

7th: Dallas, TX: 6

8th: Charlotte, NC: 3

Edited by TargetToad
Edited to keep up with new votes

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On 8/10/2018 at 10:10 AM, Goran The Man said:

Name: Giovanni "John" Frangione

Bio: Born in Sant'Agnello, near Napoli (Naples) in Italy in 1898, he settled and currently lives in Philadelphia, moving to Philly at the age of 7 with his family in 1905. He studied at Villanova University and is the CEO of Pennsylvania Bank. He is a passionate Markball fan and is a season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Falcons, and played for the Philadelphia Falcons between 1925-1927.

Even at the advanced age of 70, Frangione will still vote. His votes as follows will be:

1. San Francisco, CA - the Guardians are isolated from any other team in the league and a local rival will increase rivalries.

2. Houston, TX - Texas is one of the most populous and a fast-growing state. They need to be represented in the big league, and the Houston bid is preferable of the two Texan bids.

3. Charlotte, NC - They have kept trying, only snubbed because of more preferable candidates. The effort they have been putting into getting a team for all these years into the league cannot be ignored.


If top two get in, transfer Michigan to the East, while add the two new expansion teams in the west. If any combination of one between Atlanta/Charlotte/Cincinnati/Miami and one between Dallas/Houston/New Orleans/San Francisco (total of 16 combinations), keep the twelve teams in their original divisions. If top two are a combination of Atlanta/Charlotte/Cincinnati/Miami (total of 6 combinations), transfer Toronto to the West. If top two are a combination of Dallas/Houston/New Orleans/San Francisco (total of 6 combinations), transfer Michigan to the East as previously stated. After all there are 28 possible combinations. 

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Henry Gomez

Age 38

Soda and Hot Dog vendor at the San Diego Sports Arena since its opening in 1966.

San Diego, CA


1. San Francisco - California has plenty of room for more Markball clubs.

2. New Orleans - Markball can be jazzed up a bit in NOLA.

3. Miami - Sooner or later, Florida's gonna want a team.

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Thanks for all the votes so far! I'm still taking entries until Sunday at Noon.


The offseason is close to being completed, would you guys rather have it posted before or after the expansion council deadline?

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2 hours ago, NoE38 said:

Thanks for all the votes so far! I'm still taking entries until Sunday at Noon.


The offseason is close to being completed, would you guys rather have it posted before or after the expansion council deadline?


I would say before, that way the expansion stuff is in the offseason

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I'll wait a little longer before posting the offseason, but in the meantime, here's something I've been wanting to do for a while, a refresher on the sport of Markball for those unfamiliar with it.


The Field


The field is usually 153 m long and 100m wide (502 x 328 ft), so quite larger than a football field.

Here are the different markings on the field and what they mean.

Penalty Arc: An arc that stretches 30 meters away from the net. Any fouls committed by a defensive player in the arc will result in a penalty kick for the offense.

Goal Square: Where kickoffs after single points take place by the team that got scored on.

Outer Circle: Main area where jump-ball takes place, only the two players competing for the ball are allowed to be in the area at the time of the jump-ball.

Center Circle: The exact area where the referee tosses the ball up.


The Ball


The ball is oval-shaped, and smaller than a football or rugby ball, with a long diameter of 14.8 cm (5.8 inches) and a short diameter of 11.9 cm (4.7 inches)


The Net


The net consists of one main net and two outside posts. The main net has a width of 5 m (16 ft) and a height of 9 m (29.6 ft). This should make scoring fairly easy, but I guess some players in this timeline haven't picked that up yet :P the two outer posts are 3.2 m away from the main net (10.5 ft). Because of the huge net, it isn't uncommon for goalies to rush way out to attacking players to block their shots. In the net is a silhouette of a 6 ft player if he was standing directly on the goal line.




There are 4 main positions in Markball, and 10 sub-positions:

Forwards (Red):

Full Forward (FF): A team's main scorer. Usually very fast and have lethal shots.

Wing Forwards (WF): Two players that attack from the two sides of the field. Usually have accurate kicks and crosses.

Flanks (F): A team's "garbagemen" who usually kick long shots and clean up mistakes made by the other forwards.

Followers/Midfielders (Purple😞

Rover (R): The workhorse on the team, who patrols both ends of the field to contribute in any way. Almost always have insane stamina.

Wings (W): Two players to play mainly along the edge of the field, helping to stop rushes and create chances.

Center (C): The player that does the jump-ball. Besides that, they are mainly a central midfielder.

Defenders (Light Blue):

Wingbacks (WB): A team's first line of defense, Usually are fast so they can quickly start counter-attacks.

Centerback (CB): Usually a team's best defender and leader at the back, they are usually matched up against full-forwards.

Fullbacks (FB): The last line of defense before the goalie, usually are big, strong players.

Goalkeeper (Yellow):

Goalkeeper (GK): The player who attempts to save all the shots, always incredibly athletic, usually tall.


Other Rules

Goalies are not allowed to catch a shot, the ball must have hit the goalie and the field before they can pick it up.

Offside is called if an attacking player enters the arc before the ball when the attacking team has possession.

If a member of the defending team kicks or hits the ball out of play in the arc, a corner kick is awarded.

If the ball goes out of bounds, play commences with a player kicking the ball in.

Players can only pass by punting the ball, or hitting the ball with their palm.



Feel free to ask any other questions!

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1968 NAML Offseason: Part 1


Merle announces two new expansion cities

In a day tons of people were anticipating, Peter Merle stepped onto a podium at the NAML headquarters to formally introduce the two new cities that would begin play in 1970. After starting his speech with a thank you to all the people that took part in the committee and all the cities that submitted bids, he finally announced the two cities. "It is my honour as commissioner to welcome our two newest cities to the markball family. Congratulations to San Francisco and Houston. We are eagerly awaiting your inaugural seasons in two years." San Francisco was the runaway winner of the expansion vote, getting 32 of a possible 48 points, including 6 first-place votes. Houston came second with only 12 points, 1 above the Miami bid. Merle also announced that there would a be a league realignment. Both Houston and San Francisco would join the Western Division, while Michigan wouldmove to the East. Here is how the league looks after this realignment:


Western Division:

Chicago Crusaders

St. Louis Gatekeepers

Milwaukee Dragons

Minnesota Walleye

Los Angeles Guardians

San Francisco



Eastern Division:

Washington Warriors

Philadelphia Falcons

Michigan Bandits

Toronto Nationals

New York Knights

Boston Wolfhounds

Évêques de Montréal


Now that the cities have been announced, I'll let you guys decide the team names. Houston will almost 100% be space-related, but I'm not sure what San Francisco's name should be. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Houston should be the Cosmos (unless it is deemed too similar to the PHL's Cleveland Cosmos) and San Francisco should have the Shepherds (referencing 1970 as the year of the dog).


If Cosmos is not accepted, Houston should use Apollos.

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Houston should be called either the Apollos or the Galaxy.


San Francisco should be the Shepherds, Gulls or (something completely random) the Bulldogs. A old team that i liked from the Simulation Football League.

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San Francisco-Jailbirds, Alcatraz has recently been closed after the most famous prison escape in human history.


Houston-Frontier, Star Trek has recently debuted on TV, with the line “Space, the final frontier.” fits with the space theme of Houston nicely.

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