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NBA 90s series(Supersonics Added 09/29 SERIES COMPLETED)


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Next up I have 2 new concepts for you


First is the Chicago Bulls. I went with pinstripes like they did for a couple years in the 90s. The pinstripes are double color and the iconic diamonds on the shorts are made extra large.



I have also done the Detroit Pistons where I obviously went with the teal horse identity. The horse is blown up out of the word mark to the bottom of the jersey and some wacky numbers bring the 90s theme together.



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Here we are again after a month's wait. Definitely gonna finish this series, just gonna take some time.


Atlanta Hawks. An update to their 90s unis with more gradients 



New York Knicks

Used the wordmark from the logo and based the side panel striping off of it



LA Lakers

Updated the logo and added a third color, dark purple.



Dallas Mavericks

This one was a little more difficult to make it look really 90's. Added cowboy hats to the numbers and brought back the early 90s wordmarks 


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Ask and you will receive. I figure it's about time we get through these last few teams in this series. I've got two new concept for you after over a year hiatus.


First up is the Indiana Pacers

This set is based on the Pacers early 90s jerseys with the addition of the ball and stripes from the team logo across the front and back of the jersey.



Second for today is the Washington Wizards. The wizard logo makes a large appearance on the front of the jersey holding the player number. The numbers and name of the back follow the arc of the top of the jersey design. Gold also makes a much more prominent appearance then it did on the team's actual uniforms.




So I don't know how quick the rest of the teams will be out (it wont be a year I promise) but I will try my very best to get this finished and have some new quality concepts to show all of you.

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Next up we have two more teams.


First is the Denver Nuggets. I decided to use their navy,red, and gold identity as that is what they used for the majority of teh decade. Nothing too crazy. The chest stripe follows the front logo and stretches around to the back.




And second is the Toronto Raptors. This team's uniforms from the 90s were one of the main inspirations for this series but I think I took it a bit further. The striping is based off of the old shorts striping and fits with the supersized dinosaur on the jersey.



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Two more teams are up for today.


First s the Orlando Magic. I kept the pinstripes that the team has used for a while now and added some very large tars down the side of the jersey and shorts that come from the logo.



And next is one of my personal favorites, the Vancouver Grizzlies. This concept uses the teams fantastic alternate Haida logo and blows it up to the front of the jersey. The awesome pattern from the original jerseys returns but is sublimated across the entire uniform.



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