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On 2018-03-14 at 8:27 PM, Brian in Boston said:

I love the idea of a Seattle-based NHL franchise adopting the Totems moniker, but I'd prefer that the team's color scheme reflect that of Coast Salish art. While the Coast Salish were known to embrace a wider array of colors in their art than the Haida did (yellows and greens make appearances in Coast Salish art), I'd still love to see your concept embrace a Black, Red Ochre, Deep Teal, and White palette. Out of the color schemes you've presented, the Dark Brown, Light Brown, Powder Blue and White combination strikes me as best suiting the Seattle Sea Lions identity. That said, I'm not sold on the uniform designs you've applied it to. I'm also not a fan of the "anchor-and-rope" secondary logo for the Sea Lions. It just doesn't seem to complement the primary mark to the extent that it should.


Thanks Brian...I saw that colour scheme over in the Sports Logos section. I think that Thaumatrope posted this picture...


You're right, it could look pretty good!...I think I'll give that a try with the next "Sockeyes" concept.

Also, the "anchor" logo does look mis-matched as you mentioned. The trident symbol is strong enough on its own...Good advice.


16 hours ago, C-Squared said:


One of my earliest memories: as a very small kid in 88/89, I thought the Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates were one team playing three different sports because they matched.

I have loved the depth of this thread, but the color schemes feel overthought to me... once in a while, a team stumbles onto a colorway that “feels” like their region (i.e. the Marino-era Fins)... when I think of Seattle, blue and green “feel” like that region - a little murky and cloudy, yet hip and progressive. Seattle sports fans own those colors. It might seem like low-hanging fruit, but its too strong a colorway to ditch just for the novelty.


I've been staying away from the blue and green, only because the Canucks are just up the highway, sporting the same colours....But heck, the Pens and Bruins both rock the same colours, and I think if the blues and greens were 'reversed', there'd be enough of a difference...I gave it a shot...


15 hours ago, GraysAntibiotics said:

Are Going to do Blue and green?


Yep...here ya go...





OK...I"ve got 6 primary logos finalized so far (the Sea Lions may end up being a different colour...I'll come back to them later).

Before I move on to the 'Sockeyes', here's what I have so far...





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2 hours ago, hecticbro said:

I like the green and blue Sea Lions a lot, but I think I'd like it more if you made it so the crest didn't have to change its coloring for each jersey. It looks a little odd now on the dark jersey.


You're right bro...It's close, but still needs some tweakin' ...I'll come back to it later.


2 hours ago, pastajoe said:

Blue and green colors are a non starter, they're not going to use Vancouver's colors.  And the trident is too similar to the old Mariners logo.


As far as the trident goes joe, the Mariners use an upside-down trident...different enough IMO. I read that part of the reason for the Mariners going with a different logo was that an upside-down trident was a symbol of bad luck :huh:...maybe. As for the colours, I had a lot of requests to try the blue-green combo, so I did. I think that it can be pulled off to look un-similar enough, but I don't think you'd hear the end of it from Canucks' fans :P.

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The Seattle Emeralds

"Take me down to the Emerald City,

Where the grass is green and the coffee's gritty..."...or something like that... Of course the "Emeralds" name comes from Seattle's alias of "Emerald City". 

Whenever I hear '(anything) city', I think of soccer or rugby, so I thought that I would give the Emerald City logo a bit of a soccer-crest vibe. I blended the letters "E" and "C" into an old-style monogram...




For a secondary, I was looking for something that wasn't a gem-stone. I found an interesting guy who's a native of the Seattle area, and is bright green in colour. He's also an official critter  of the state...The Pacific Tree Frog...




So, here's what I'm thinking to use as my primary and secondary...



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I don’t know. While I really appreciate the creativity of it, I feel the monogram is off. The E could almost read as an F and the whole symmetry is way off when in the diamond. Furthermore, if you’re bent on using the tree frog I’d almost rather have the identity flipped. Tree Frogs being the name and maybe EC as the secondary. JMO of course. I hate criticizing any of your designs as they’re in general just fantastic. 

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That frog is incredible. You're a brilliant designer, Sparky, so I hesitate to even say anything. Incredible series. I'm not a fan of the monogram gemstone. It looked like an FC to me and doesn't have a ton of panache. The frog, however, does. Super unique identity. Having been to Seattle many times (family), I feel like it's an identity they could get behind. I think I'd rework this concept around that frog. I still like Emeralds but their may be other options that tie directly to the tree frog. Nice work!

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Guest darkpiranha

Love everything about it except the EC.  The E is coming off more like an F, as stated earlier.   I think you're okay with leaving the top of the C as the middle bar of the E, but I'd try just having a full bottom bar on the E extend out from the middle of the C.  That way, both letters still share one common element.  And I know you've done it with most of your other hockey critters, but the frog is just screaming out to have some sort of skates on.  


Backtracking a bit, while I like all the elements individually, (emerald, EC, frog), they aren't coalescing together in one solid concept.  The Emeralds is a strong name and shape.  The frog is a super-strong logo and identity.  Maybe let the Battle of Seattle have an extra competitor and split these two up into their own identities.    



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I like the idea with the emeralds. Some off the wall thinking here: what if for the sweater you shrunk the gem, removed the monogram, and stuck that rock right in the middle of a roundel? You could even have mini silouhettes of a sitting frog to separate upper and lower text in the roundel. I know, super creative ;) ...but perhaps worth a shot exploring? Fwiw, it seems like I always like an old-timey-feeling roundel on a hockey sweater. Anyhoo, I love your work, it's great. Keep it coming! 

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Agree that it looks like FC; it almost looks like a monogram for bank rather than a sports team. That said, the frog is phenomenal. And at the risk of being That Guy, is it realistic to have that many shades of green within a brand, even recognizing that it would be hard to depict an emerald otherwise? Really looking forward to seeing how this concept evolves.

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Fans have made their suggestions and we even came up with a few of our own, but Governor Jay Inslee potentially put an end to the conversation during an interview with FOX13. While discussing a proposed high-speed rail system between Seattle and Vancouver, Inslee referred the proposed hockey team as the ‘Totems.’

The following is an excerpt from FOXQ13:

"We cannot wait to get on a high-speed rail line to come up and have the greatest hockey rivalry in North American which is the Seattle Totems versus the Vancouver Canucks,”


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