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A bunch of half-assed concepts for Lisander Basketball SuperLeague


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Long time no see, fellow readers and concept creators!


Currently, when I'm not working, I can be found on NationStates, managing my nation, called Lisander. I may have posted some stuff from there before, but I'm not sure. For today, I have some Basketball-related stuff. Probably not in the best format to be presented (since I'm irretrievably lazy) and even with some clip-arts recolors and logo edits (Since I'm doing this just for fiction. If you don't like it, you always can ignore), I've been working in SuperLiga. Since Lisander is a somewhat European nation, I decided to go mostly FIBA-inspired.



The League Logo



League Map


Some half-assed uniforms should be up next, probably later today or early tomorrow.

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Okay. Uniforms next. As I said, I'm trying a FIBA approach here, with sponsoring, manufacturer logo and league patch. It's somewhat clogged with logos, but that's exactly the idea. Since I don't need more than fronts of jerseys to present the teams, I'm not doing more than jersey fronts. Firstly, the Northern Division Teams:



BC Olympia Lerna



Isny Valliant



Academica Athletica Portia



Myrtilis Basketball Club



Associação Atlética Montecorvina



Orissa Basketball 1936



Sunion Basketball Club

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1 hour ago, KRZYBDGRZ said:

Concepts look good, also inspired me to make a state,the republic of Kommunizm


Thank you!


Following with the series of concepts, let's give a look at Southern Division.



AS Virtus 1904



CA Oeste



Casterwill Roses (probably the most NBAish team in the League)



Libertas Basketball



Club Sparta



AC Kasandora



Azhaar BC


This concludes the work with uniforms. In the next post, I'll bring some results, just because I want to do more stuff.

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Hey, hey, hey, long time no see! I'm sorry if this is a bump, or a gravedig. I'm just putting this up to get more criticism.


And for your enjoyment, I have some new stuff: Lisander National Basketball Jerseys, complete, with Nationstates region patches:


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Thanks for the comment, @DoctaC 


For tonight, a try of mine to join the bandwagon. Since everyone is following kodrinsky and working in courts, I gave myself a try in a court for each of the finalists of last season. As usual, Lisander Basketball have a FIBA-esque look, so courts follow International dimensions.


Northern Division Champions, BC Olympia:



and Southern Division Champions, Libertas Basketball:




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