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Japan and Korea World Cup Kits


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Hello all!


I had some ideas brewing in my head and decided to get them out. Here's my ideas for World Cup kits for Japan and Korea.


Japan - The primary kit is a more purplish blue with silver and pinkish red accents*, and the front number is encased on a subliminated sun. The secondary kit is a white-to-black gradient with the number inside the red sun from the flag. I went with just the crest on both kits instead of the usual flag-and-crest combo the team normally uses, because I thought it looked a little less cluttered.




Korea - I wanted to keep the "Red Devils" primarily red, but draw some inspiration from the flag also, hence the yin-yang inspired design. The secondary kit draws inspiration from the flag also in the way the colors are used; accented with blue and red with a curvy mini-sash, I made the numbers black to use all the colors of the flag. The third kit is a black set with red and blue accents that I felt made for a good alternative for Korea. 





Let me know what you think!



*EDIT: The pinkish Red looks more reddish on mobile than on desktop for some reason

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4 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

The black Korea kit needs white numbers, with blue  they'll be near invisible. For Japan's home kit I'd lighten up the blue. For the away, toss the sun, it still has a negative connotation in SE Asia from WW II.


Thanks for the comments! Good stuff to know. I’ll work on those things.


Any other comments?

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