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A few NFL concepts (Niners, Jets)

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Been a while since the last concept I posted...and it seems like forever since I posted an NFL concept that wasn't College to Pro.  That said, here we go with the Niners


Not much of a departure here...the home's stripes are gold, and gold trim has been added to the lettering on both jerseys, not to mention the now-red facemask.




The grid plaid is a Sourdough Sam shoutout, which I figured would look best with white pants.  Now here go the Jets.



Went back to kelly green as the main color, with forest green as trim only.  Also modified the oval into a football shape like they had it in the 60s...and then introduced a secondary jet, which I incorporated into the helmet, shoulder and pants stripes.




Lastly, a piecemeal fauxback using the jet as the helmet logo, and a jersey modeled after the Staten Island Stapletons...the body from their final season in the NFL and the sleeves from their first three seasons.


Speak now or fade into Bolivian :P 

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Those 49ers alts would forever be known as "the waffle jerseys"

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