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Longmont Hockey Redesign


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There's a local hockey team by where I live that represents the entirety of the school district encompassing Longmont, Colorado, that has a bland and inconsistent identity.



I couldn't find a good picture of the dark jerseys, but I shouldn't have to. Look at these things! The logos aren't even the same on every jersey! It just looks like something bland that was thrown together in a total of five minutes.


First off, I had to think of a starting place. Some kind of mascot to build an identity around. There were some ideas of mountains or just updating the tired "Longmont Hockey" identity, but what stuck with me was an idea centered around Longmont's history as a ranching town - the Mustangs. So I had that down, and decided to go off of that.


I had to decide where I wanted to go with branding from there. The colors used by the team currently are really boring, as there's not a whole lot special from a black/white/grey identity. So, I started by giving the team an actual color scheme as well as an actual mascot. Here's the logo I designed.




I got inspired by the "Blucifer" statue outside of DIA, which admittedly isn't even close to Longmont, but I still figured it'd work well for the "Mustangs" identity. The color scheme is one of triple blue and white, with each shade being different enough from each other to distinctively differentiate them. The logo is a mix between simplistic and complex, where the shading minimizes the complexity in the actual logo, but the mane remains complex and fierce looking.




With the uniforms, I went for something that would work as a "modern classic," where it meshes styles from both older eras of hockey and newer ones. The number/name font is also inspired by old western typography, which fits in well with a horse-related identity.


And that's that! What do you guys think?

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I think it works much better than the (bland and practically phallic) design they're using right now. I can't believe these kids are forced to wear those horrible inconsistent jerseys! Who did this to these poor kids?!

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