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Congrats on finishing the thread! You’ve done some excellent work here, using unorthodox jersey/pants combinations and striping styles. I really like how you handled the Giants, what with the sleeve stripes and new orange/black jerseys. My one recommendation on it would be to swap the black and orange jerseys’ designations and wordmarks, but that’s a minor point.


Out of all of your concepts, I’d say that the Mariners, Diamondbacks, Nationals, and Rockies are my favorites. Nice work!

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Thank you guys for the kind words about the thread. for my first baseball concept series, this was a fun way to start. However I'm not done just yet because we have specialty weekends to get through!


First up on the calendar is Jackie Robinson Day: 




So teams will be chosen pretty much randomly for the specialty weekends, with the exception of the Dodgers, because Jackie Robinson. Anyways the uniforms don't really change much for this event. 


Hats - All hats worn by all teams this weekend get the 42 patch on the side of all hats. 


Jerseys - All teams would also get the patches on the sleeves as well as all numbers are 42 and all NOB's are gone for a day. 


Pants - No changes to the pants. All socks for this weekend would become stirrups and all teams would wear black shoes. 


BP/Other Gear - BP hats get patches ( not illustrated here), BP jerseys get a team color variant of the 42 logo on the chests, with team logo replacing the number on the chest. For undershirts, team color 42 on the chest, with the logo on the sleeve above the Swoosh and stripes on the shoulders. Idk, I was just playing around with my rarely used template to have some fun. 


C&C welcome!

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Better late than never, but here's the Mother's Day looks: 



While I'm not the biggest fan of the MLB holiday uniform weekends, I do like change in uniforms it does provide. Since the Jackie Robinson uniforms were a bit of anomaly to how the uniform weekends work with the teams in essence wearing their normal uniforms with a few frills, here's some rules I've established for the uni weekends in this universe: 


  • Each league will alternate being the dark uniform/light uniform every year. So in this case, next year the Yankees would be in dark grey, Marlins in white. 
  • All sleeve patches, with the exception of the Phillies sleeve numbers would be replaced by the event patch or sponsor patch.
  • Both color of hats would be sold but only one takes the field. i.e, there would be a pink/grey Yankees hat, but for this year it would be a fashion cap only. 
  • In the case of Mothers/Fathers Day uniforms, AL/NL is opposite of each other. In this case, Yanks would be dark grey/light blue, Marlins would be white/light Blue. 

i think that will make sense to everyone.  So to these uniforms. Pretty straight forward if you really think about it. Replaced team colors with pink/dark grey/light grey. BP Hats are just the same as the uniform hats. 


C&C welcome!

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On 7/8/2018 at 4:36 PM, bkknight95 said:


Florida/Miami had a unique thing going with teal in the early days, even winning not one but two World Series in their best look. And then years later they decided to wear a few colors short of a full rainbow in a gaudy stadium, essentially taking a dump on the golden days of Marlins baseball. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh. But nevertheless, the Marlins identity has admittedly taken a few steps back. However with that being said, I personally find the biggest issue with the Marlins now to be the colors. There's too many colors competing against each other for it to be effective in my opinion. Plus their previous color scheme was damn near perfect. So I thought, why not combine the eras? The amount of colors seemed like it would be a challenge but I think it might have worked. 


Hats - Two main hats, teal/black and black/black. A newly recolored M with the stylized Marlin graces the front of them all. 


Jerseys - This time on the home jersey, it says Marlins. Look the way I see it, your home fans know where home is, no need to have it on your chest on the home uniforms. Anyways, the striping pattern was derived from the stylizing of the M logo with a few tweaks here and there. Away mirrors the home pretty much, also it's teal this time rather than black or grey. Teal is a unique color. Flaunt it. Alternate is black with a slightly different stripe and the M logo on the chest rather than a wordmark. 


Pants - Only white pants this go around. The side stripe here is based off the marlin from the M logo and continues about 3/4 of the way down the leg. Socks are striped based off the jerseys they go with. 


BP - For the BP hat, I broke the marlin away from the M and slapped in on the front of a black/teal hat. For the jerseys, I put the M front and center and shortened the striping a little bit. The black one is a "blackout" style jersey, with the numbers and the logo being mostly blacked out with some color still in there. 


C&C welcome! A bit wild with some reservations but I think it's an improvement. 

For the teal jersey sets, I would invert the colors. Other than that, these jerseys are great!

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