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MLS Expansion


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Hey there!  I'm new to these forums!


So I came up with some MLS expansion teams.  The first three are International Miami, Nashville SC, and Sacramento Republic FC.  There are more, but I'll reveal them along the way.  They all start in 2020 and bring the leagues teams up to 26, with both conferences balanced.  Also, the Columbus Crew do not move to Austin, but instead to St. Louis, Missouri, to become the St. Louis Crew.  Here's some backstory:


International Miami.  David Beckham is part owner of the club, and was announced in 2014.  The league previously had a Miami team, called the Miami Fusion (an expansion team that began in 1998 with Chicago), but it folded in 2001 with the Tampa Bay Mutiny.  I think that the colors could be pink, green, and gold, and should have something to do with flamingos or alligators.


Nashville SC.  This team was announced in 2017 as the first of two other teams.  It should have the same colors as the USL team (navy blue and gold), but have a logo that makes the team look like an MLS team.


Sacramento Republic FC.  The second team (that most likely will be) announced in 2018, Sacramento Republic FC is owned by the same people who own the USL team.  The MLS chose them to balance out the conferences, with Cincinnati and Detroit to be given a team later on.  I think red and white should be the teams colors.


St. Louis Crew.  Unable to secure a new stadium in Columbus, and Austin rejecting the move, an ownership group in St. Louis agrees to buy the team and move them to Missouri.  As Missouri's first MLS team (no, Sporting Kansas City is not in Missouri, they're in Kansas side,) the ownership group does not change the team's name, becoming the St. Louis Crew.  The colors are still black and yellow, but a different logo is needed.

The first one will be the St. Louis Crew.

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