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Music City SC


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I had this idea out of nowhere, and I took it far, so here it is. My design for the supposed MLS expansion team to be put in Nashville, Tennessee. Here's what I came up with.


The MLS has had a trend where teams forego regular names for an "FC" moniker, which is something I wanted to avoid, but at the same point, I wanted to create a brand that could unify the city. So, I subverted the "FC" name and opted for "SC," meaning Soccer Club. And rather than choosing a direct mascot, I chose to make the city name more creative than a lot of other teams using the "-C" name do, but choosing a nickname for Nashville. With that decided, the name was clear: Music City SC.


The next thing to make was the logo. Nashville is a big city with a lot of things it encompasses, a lot of which I tried to incorporate into the logo. The colors came from the two major sports teams in the city, the Nashville Predators and the Tennessee Titans. The shape came from both a country guitar and the (in)famous AT&T Building in Nashville, and there are some other influences from the Nashville Parthenon. The Parthenon addition is a bit more subtle, so I'd like to see if anyone can spot it.


Without further ado, here's the logo as well as the jerseys.




The jerseys have some influence like I was talking about above. The home is pretty cut and dry, with a classical style. The road features a six-string diagonal chest stripe taken from a guitar's strings, and the alternate jersey is inspired by the Tennessee flag, and would be used to help conjure up some state pride.


And that's that! What do you guys think?

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15 hours ago, gswansea said:

This is a solid identity. I think that removing the blue border on the "Music City text" and just having plain, navy text would improve the logo. I also think leaving the "SC" as just white text without a border would help. The jerseys are well done


Like this?



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I know you're going for a soccer ball where "SC" is on the logo, but I can't un-see some funky shirt based on the shape.


Since you're using a Gibson style headstock as the rest of the logo, and the SC is where the truss rod cover would be I would consider using a shape closer to the standard shape Gibson uses.





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10 hours ago, Section30 said:

I like this, the road kit reminds me way too much of the Galaxy though


The exact same thought I had. Also, the Third Kit sort of resembles Chicago a bit too, but I'm from Chicago so maybe thats why.  If you could find a way to incorporate all three colors while keeping the same designs that would be perfect IMO.


Otherwise its a "yes" from me, definitely like the concept.  

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