MLS Relocation: St. Louis Crew Concept

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So as you should know, the Columbus Crew of the MLS have been having some problems with securing a new stadium in Columbus.  So, instead of moving them to Austin (that would just make too many Texas teams in that small of a market area,) I decided to move them to St. Louis, Missouri.  They would keep the name and colors, but with a new logo.  I decided that the Gateway Arch would be the focus for the logo.  Also, the kits would stay the same (excpet for it saying St. Louis instead of Columbus)

Here's the logo!


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The thing about soccer logos is that they have to work on a small-scale application, like on the crest of a soccer jersey. This logo has too many small details for it to stand out even at the scale it's at now, which is much larger than what it'd be at a realistic level. The skyline is too complex, as is the font, and it doesn't flow. The text is off-centered and the font itself just doesn't work. Sports logos are all about design, and this doesn't really look like there was a lot of thought put into it. Just a stock photo of the St. Louis skyline, along with some text.


I know that sounded harsh, but I meant it in the best possible way. You've only got 3 posts, and you've clearly got some potential to start making good logos. Work with it, and make it into something great!

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