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Team Color Changes


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In the Major 4 sports -- for the most part when there is a logo change the team colors stay the same -- or don't vary much from the base color. I know there are a few teams that have traded in red, blue, white for green, black and white (as an example). But, there aren't many ... I was trying to make a list of teams in the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL, I know I didn't catch them all, so I'd love the boards help. 









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The Kansas City A's changed from red, white, and blue to green and gold in 1963.

Pictured here are the 1961 and 1963 uniforms.  The 1961 set brought back the A on the chest which had last been used in Philadelphia in 1953.  The A was removed in 1962 in favour of block letters spelling "Athletics"; and then it was returned to the chest for the switch to green and gold.



Image result for 1962 athletics norm siebern   Related image

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Sacramento Kings switched from red/blue/white to purple and black in 1994.


LA Lakers went from double blue to purple and gold in 1966. On their uniforms at least, not sure what the logo situation is here.


Memphis Grizzlies went from black, red, and teal to double blue in 2004.


Cleveland Cavaliers changed from wine and gold to blue and orange in 1983.


Denver Nuggets went from burgundy, navy, and metallic gold to powder blue, royal blue, and athletic gold in 2003. (this might be a more borderline example since technically they just changed the shade of the navy and gold)

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48 minutes ago, C-Squared said:

The Sabres has to be the boldest non-new-name change in modern sports history.

The Canucks are right up there with the change from blue/green to Team Germany.


The Canucks have to be pretty unique for having three very different color sets in a short period of time.

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I don't think any professional team has changed their color scheme as much as the Chicago White Sox.


Up until 1930, they were strictly a navy blue and white team:




In 1930, they began incorporating in red, which seemed to oscillate with blue for being the team's primary color for the next two decades:




From 1948 to 1963, they wore the now-famous black and red color scheme, usually with uniforms that form the basis for the modern-day duds:




They returned to the original navy blue and white color scheme from 1964 to 1970:




And then took a complete left turn to a red and white color scheme from 1971 to 1975:




Followed by another return to the traditional navy blue and white color scheme from 1976 to 1981, as seen in the most infamous uniforms in baseball history:




Then a re-incorporation of red from 1982 to 1990 (in duds that could only look good in comparison to what they succeeded):




Finally, in 1991, the Sox landed on a new color scheme that seems to have stuck: black, white, and silver (the first time the silver color ever appeared in their color palette):




It took them a century, but they seem to have found the right color scheme at long last. I'd guess that most younger fans would be quite surprised to find out that the Sox have only worn black for a relatively short period of their history.

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The Kings were originally purple and gold, as they were owned by the same man who owned the Lakers. And frankly, I still wish they stuck with the color scheme. Then, circa 1988 or so, they went into "LA Raiders" mode with the black and silver. They've kept black around since, but re-introduced purple (only to drop it again), and have once again gone back to black and silver. Which is okay, I guess, but I'll always miss the purple and gold era. Especially with the Ducks wearing black, too.

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The Vancouver Canucks, from 1970-78 were blue and green. From 1978-97, they sported black/orange/gold (the latter two colors became red and yellow in 1992), then from 1997-2007 they were navy blue/red/silver. Things came full circle in 2007 when they went back to blue and green.


Personally, I like the 1978-97 "flying skate" logo the team has had.


The Seattle Mariners, were, from 1977-92, a blue and yellow team. Since 1993, they went to navy blue/silver/teal. I like both looks equally.

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1 minute ago, oldschoolvikings said:

How about every MLB team that's been around since before the 1960's?


Here are a few highlights:



The 1900s-1920s saw them wear navy, black, navy/red, and violet at different times, while the 1930s included a brief black/orange period (1933-35) followed by navy/white (‘36-‘39) and navy/red (1940-46). The team wouldn’t go black/orange full-time until 1947.



The team experimented with navy and light blue, alongside periods of red accents. There was also the famed green year of 1937.



They were a blue/red team for most of their pre-1948 existence. They had one year of navy/white (1947) before adopting black/yellow as their full time colors in 1948.



They’ve has periods with and without navy and red, sometimes going navy/white or red/white, with a navy/yellow period from their days as the Boston Bees.



The team exchanged brown for black upon moving to Baltimore, restoring the orange that was largely absent from the last set of Browns uniforms. I’m not sure if that one counts, given that it was a full rebranding as opposed to a relocated name (because the International League Orioles had a history of success, while the St. Louis Browns were utter garbage for most of their time).


Going into the team histories on Colorwerx’s website and Dressed to the Nines reveal a lot of pre-WWII instability with color schemes.

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76ers: red, white and blue to predominantly black in the Iverson era (no pun intended)


Wizards/Bullets and Capitals: red, white and blue to blue, black and bronze.


Brewers: blue and yellow; to green, Vegas gold and navy; to navy and Vegas gold


Padres: yellow/brown, brown/red/yellow, blue/orange, navy/sand


(Devil) Rays: green/purple, navy/powder blue

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