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The 1972 Project: The Finale: Oregon Ducks


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16 hours ago, anonymous. said:

Very topical(mod edit)


In all seriousness these are great uniforms. I like the return of stripes on the football helmets, and that white hockey sweater is just a thing of beauty. But I feel like the vertical stripes on the collar of the football and hockey uniforms are a bit tacky, and that the Fighting Illini on the white basketball jersey doesn't need to come back.


2 hours ago, WSU151 said:

Those Illinois hockey jerseys are really good. The diagonal marks look great. 


Football helmets look better with the stripes...but I grew up in the 80s/90s so Illinois will always look better with a white facemask (oh geez facemasks huh). And Illinois looked better in regular glossy helmets than satin/matte, IMO.


Maybe make the football numbers one color (like in the past) but keep the stripes? I dunno.


All in all, what you have there is far better than the disastrous set the Illini currently wear. 


Little bit to unpack here. I wasn't conflicted about the orange helmets. After looking at IRL photos, the matte orange looks bad. So that does get changed to glossy orange. The facemask going white wasn't something I expected to like, but after changing it, I think it looks cohesive and better than navy. The navy helmet by contrast is much younger to Illinois, and I personally think it looks better matte so it remains unchanged. I removed the victory stripes from the collars of all sports that had them, and changed the collars on the navy football/hockey jerseys to orange. I also left the numbers outlined on football. While the color arrangement isn't the same, it helps match the helmet logos IMO. 

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Love the Illinois set. It’s pretty great and would be an instant upgrade. 

For football, I’d love to see one-color numbers and maybe an underlined ILLINOIS in the modern font on the helmet. 

The look would be reminiscent of this: spacer.png

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I guess there's been enough interest in seeing one color numbers so I gave it a shot: 




Left the outlines on the alternate, the white numbers looked off without the outlines. 

12 hours ago, BJ Sands said:

Love the Illinois set. It’s pretty great and would be an instant upgrade. 

For football, I’d love to see one-color numbers and maybe an underlined ILLINOIS in the modern font on the helmet. 

The look would be reminiscent of this: 


As for the ILLINOIS helmet, I tried it as shown and I don't like it. The old font they used was more upright so it filled the space better, but the new font is shorter and the italics are more pronounced so it looks smaller on the helmet shell and can't get much bigger without going over vents. 

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One minor tweak. 


I would switch the number color on the white jersey to orange with navy outline. 


Doing so would create a template in which the numbers follow the same pattern as the sleeve stripes. The numbers would the color of the inner stripe with the outer stripes lending their tone to the outlining. The block "I" is always the reverse of that pattern. 

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Football - Can you name a team with a more dubious uniform history? Remember those half colored pants?  They've finally rounded out into a decent look under Adidas. I was inspired by these alternates and wanted to modernize them a little bit. The helmets are black and yellow. Both with an appropriately colored helmet stripe for the shell. Jerseys have a pointed Colts style stripe and the white and yellow jerseys have a shoulder yoke style thing going on. Southern Miss wordmark on the chest. Kept the same number font. Pants have the same stripe as the helmet. 


Hockey - Southern Miss has no hockey history to build off of, so these have little to no inspiration outside of the football idea. The double stripe has the pointy front and finishes as a normal stripe on the back. Newish Golden Eagle logo on the chest, numbers up on the shoulders. Double stripe on the hem with no funky cuts. Hem stripes on the away and alternate follow a similar color pattern to the shoulders on the football uniforms. Pants have the double stripe down the side. Socks match the hems of their respective jerseys.


Baseball - A lot of the same becomes present here. Hats/helmets have a USM monogram on the front. Jerseys have the double stripe on the sleeves, white and gold have contrasting colored sleeves. Golden Eagles wordmark on the home, Southern Miss on the road, USM on the alternate. Pants have the same stripe as the white football pants. Socks have stripes similar to the hockey socks. 


Basketball - On the hardwood, jersey yoke very similar to football, down to the stripes and everything. Stacked wordmark - number - rest of wordmark on the home and away jerseys. Shorts have the similar treatment to them as the hockey hems do. Colored waistband with USM on the front. 


C&C welcome!

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So uh, fun fact, 2 years and 2 days ago I was discharged from the hospital from a spontaneous collapsed lung that by and large ended my hockey career. Well 2 years to the date of being discharged, I was admitted to the same hospital for appendicitis. So fun times to be me. 




yVXo4v0.png s9fQfEQ.png

US5qqgu.png tOl7JaT.png


If you had envisioned that something crazy would happen to Penn State, you're in the wrong thread. A model of consistency with no legitimate reason to change. Even though the Generations of Greatness football uniforms gave me second thoughts about maybe a change could work, ultimately it stayed on as simply an alternate. 


Football - Like I said, the only thing that gave me pause on possibly changing uniforms was the GoG unis. But that didn't really come to pass. Helmets remain unchanged, with one exception, the wordmark on the back bumper is now the same wordmark used by baseball and lacrosse. On the jerseys, the biggest change is the return of the off-colored jersey cuffs. I thought about bringing back the collar color as well, but I actually think that this looks better. Nittany Lion logo on the base of the collar. Pants have the stripe restored as well. White socks, black shoes. Generations of Greatness uniforms stay on, with the full collar and cuff colors. Numbers on the helmets, white shoes. If Penn State is gonna have an alternate, this is about as far as I imagine it will ever go. 


Hockey - Hockey, while not carrying the same longevity as a sport as football, has built a similar look to football with zero reason to really change. Nittany Lion logo on the chest on the home and away, single color stripes on the sleeves and hem. Socks have the same stripe, pants have the same stripe down the side, with the Nittany Lion logo on the front. Helmets match the football helmets, with a stripe down the middle. I even kept the contrasting nameplates. I don't know why, I just like it a lot. Alternate is grey, since there aren't really Generations of Greatness to build off of, but the new IRL alternate uses a diagonal wordmark, this one does as well. 


Baseball - Baseball doesn't really change a whole lot from real life. Hats/helmets have two options, all navy or white/navy with a block S on the front. Jerseys all have placket piping and stripes around the base of the sleeves. Home/away have the Penn State wordmark on the chest, with the number underneath it, alternate greys have the logo/number treatment. Pants match the football pants, one color set of socks, white cleats across the board. 


Basketball - Finally, on basketball, a lot of the same you've been seeing already. Jerseys have collar and arm single color stripes. Stacked Penn State with the number in the middle of it. Shorts are simple, stripe down the side that doesn't go all the way to the bottom because the logo is there in the way. No grey alternate here, did the black and pink route instead, since basketball makes a big deal out of wearing Penn State's original colors. 


C&C welcome as always!

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Big fan of the Nittany Lions look! Love the football especially, the throwback is really nice!

All I would do is change the wordmark on basketball, it’s just a personal preference, I’m not the biggest fan of the name around the numbers, especially when they proved they don’t need to do that and it fits fine as a normal work mark.

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On 10/31/2019 at 8:06 PM, BellaSpurs said:

Big fan of the Nittany Lions look! Love the football especially, the throwback is really nice!

All I would do is change the wordmark on basketball, it’s just a personal preference, I’m not the biggest fan of the name around the numbers, especially when they proved they don’t need to do that and it fits fine as a normal work mark.




Changed from the stacked wordmark to the one line wordmark. Gave it a little bit of a arch to it but nothing too major. 

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TAldaf7.png WeDhPdM.png

Y4GIsHv.png lCqCvPJ.png


What do you get when you mix Alabama and Penn State's uniforms? Pretty much what you're looking at. Georgia Southern does things by a pretty simple book and lets be real, there's no reason to change something that isn't broken. 


Football - The simplest uniforms in the Sun Belt really stay that way. Helmets have a single stripe down the middle. I used what I believe is the academic logo. I think that it fits with the whole look better than the current logos. If you wanna call it an alternate, there's an option for the script Eagles on the navy helmet. Jerseys have a double stripe on the sleeves. Pretty much it there. Pants have a single stripe down the sides. 


Hockey - Kept a lot of what you see on football and brought it to the ice. Double stripes on the sleeves and hem. Circle eagle logo on the home and away. Grey alternate has the Eagles script on the chest, which moves the eagle logos to the shoulders. Pants have the single stripe down the side, socks have the same double stripes. 


Baseball - On the diamond, much of the same persists. Used the GS monogram for the main hat, Eagle logo with a grey bill for the alternate hat. Jerseys have the double stripe around the collar, and on the sleeves. Eagles script on the home and away, Eagle logo on the grey alternate. Pants have a single stripe down the side. Socks have the same double stripe as the jerseys. 


Basketball - A big simplification job here that sees a lot of the Adidas catalog look go away. Double stripes around the collar and arm holes, single stripe down the side. Eagles script on the home and away, eagle logo on the alternate. Shorts have the double stripes on the waistband, single stripe down the side. 


Not a lot to honestly look at, but C&C welcome as always!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey guys, sorry for such a long delay. My case of appendicitis turned out to be dealt with in a much different way than a "traditional" manner of just go in and cut it out. So I haven't been feeling the greatest over the past two weeks. 




OSUlqER.png JFt5h95.png

0h8leWD.png EgQcCHY.png


Football - I thought that Wake Forest had a unique thing going on, and then they decided to simplify things. Which, I really can't complain about, I think the new number font was a marked improvement over the previous one. I thought that the sleeve design is a unique thing and I think that it should stay around. Before that, two helmets, black and gold, both with a solid stripe down the middle. Jerseys see the return of the sleeve design. New number font on the front and back. Pants have the same stripe as the helmets. Brought back the gold alternate jersey. 


Hockey - For hockey, the design gets trapped in the shoulder yokes, but I felt that it worked much better up there than trying to shoehorn it onto the sleeves. So as for the sleeves, solid thick stripes on the sleeves and hems for all 3 jerseys, along with the interlocked WF on the chest. Pants have the same stripe, so do the socks. 


Baseball - I tried a much more subtle approach as the full pattern design came across as being a lot for the baseball diamond in my opinion. So the design becomes one color and sublimated on the sleeves. White jerseys get script Deacons, black jersey gets an arched Wake Forest, gold jerseys get the script. Two hats, one all black, one black/gold both with WF on the front. Pants have a two color stripe down the sides, black flanked by gold. 


Basketball - Finally, for basketball, if you've seen their new uniforms, these are pretty much them with a few changes. Stripes around the collar and arms, stacked Wake Forest with the number in the middle. Shorts have the same stripe on the waistband, and then down the side of the shorts, with the pattern design at the bottom of the shorts. 


C&C welcome! I'll try not to be gone for so long next time!

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I promise you all this project is still a go. Bad timing with health issues and college finals meant that this project got backburnered for that. 




ahYT0eL.png vXAyReg.png

QHj8a2t.png 9tFXqCd.png


Football - I have no qualms with the NW stripe look Rutgers currently wears. I personally prefer the last Nike look with the simple shoulder design which was originally going to be the look I returned to. But scouring the football team's Twitter account, I came across a sword design that was being used and thought it would be a good combo with the NW stripe design. Helmets stay largely the same. Red bucket, white facemask with the R on both sides (I hate having to specify that in this day and age of football helmets). Alternate helmet is all black with the Knighthead on the sides. Jerseys have the sword design coming down the shoulders. Kept the current number font. Pants have the sword design coming down the side. Alternate jersey and pants are black, minimal white usage. 


Hockey - Hockey is the only team without an explicit use of the sword on the jerseys. I just didn't get it to work in a way that I thought would look good. But, went with the NW stripes on the sleeves which I think created a classy look, R logo on the chest, no shoulder logos. I liked the way it looked without them and as such it stayed that way. Socks have the same stripes as the jerseys. Pants have the sword design on the sides. Home and away share the same red helmet. Alternate uniforms are black, Knighthead replaces the R logo on the chest. Not much else is radically different. 


Baseball - A bit non-traditional for a baseball uniform. Wasn't totally sold on the over-the-shoulder design for a baseball jersey but I rolled with it anyways. Basically just like football. This time with the RUTGERS wordmark and the number underneath it. Pants have the sword down the side that ends about at the knees. Socks have the NW stripe. Primary hats are red/red with the R on the front. Alternate hats are black/black with the R as well. 


Basketball - Much of the same, sword design on the shoulders, solid color on the collar. Wordmark straight across on the chest, number underneath it. Shorts have a colored waistband, sword design down the side. R logo on the front of the shorts. Arced NOB, Knighthead just above it. Alternate is black, same story as the rest. 


C&C welcome! I'll try not to be such a stranger moving forward. 😀

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C7oyZFm.png 2LCS4Jo.png

JVqSWu2.png cbujnJd.png


Football - The home and away uniforms remain largely intact. Iconic white helmet, single stripe down the middle, Football N logo on the sides, red facemask. Player zip code on the front bumper and HUSKERS on the back bumper. Jerseys really stay mostly the same. Bigger double stripes on the sleeves, TV numbers on the shoulders, Winning Tradition patch on the chest above the swoosh. Pants get the one thing that I personally think that all the Adidas alternates did right, and that was the N in the double stripe. I always liked it so it becomes part of the look. Alternate is very much inspired by the Blackshirts alternate from this past season with some tweaks. Helmet stays white. The stripe, bumpers and facemask, as well as the logo change to black. Jersey stripes move to the shoulders, like the Husker teams of the 70's. Blackshirt logo on one sleeve, Winning Tradition patch on the other. Pants change to a solid black stripe, with a red N in the stripe. In a perfect world, the alternate uniform would not be interchanged with the Home/Away sets. 


Hockey - Inspired much by the football uniforms. Large double stripes on the sleeves and hems. Primary N logo on the chest of the Home/Away, numbers on the sleeves above the stripes. White helmets, red pants with the double stripe and N at the bottom of the stripes. Socks match the hem stripes. Alternate is also black, but with no Blackshirts history to build off of. Solid chest stripe, with the Huskers script in the middle. N logo on the shoulders. Basically, everything becomes black on the alternate.


Baseball - Baseball keeps things pretty simple. Red hat/helmet combo for the primary. Double stripes on the sleeves, single placket piping. Home spells out Huskers, Away spells out Nebraska. Didn't wanna go for a total white helmet/hat so I did a white paneled hat. Pants have the double stripe down the sides of the pants, socks are striped. Alternate is black, with a black hat/helmet, Huskers script on the jersey, solid stripe on the pants, black socks and cleats. 


Basketball - Solid color around the collars and the arms, double stripe down the sides that connects to the shorts and ends with the N at the bottom of the shorts. Home gets Huskers, Away gets Nebraska. Alternate is again, black with a solid chest stripe and solid shorts stripe. 


C&C welcome! I likely won't have another post up before Christmas, so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

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UwqfCmb.png I5FAoQW.png

YuXZPw3.png oYwlitA.png


I promise the onslaught of red teams will end. My random list generator really wasn't the best. 


Football - Since the uniform arms race began, Houston has gone from very bad to actually pretty good. However in this case, I went back into the vault for some Andre Ware inspired uniforms without being a direct throwback. Also noteworthy is the changing of navy as a trim color to grey. I thought it worked better than the black some Houston teams have been wearing. Helmets are red and white with the UH monogram on the sides. Alternate helmet is also red, with a chrome cougar logo on the sides, as well as chrome facemask. Jerseys have a triple stripe with a smaller highlight stripe. Houston wordmark on the chest, numbers in the same custom font. Pants have a larger single version of the triple stripe down the side. 


Hockey - Much of the same from football carries over to hockey. Stripes on the sleeves mirror football and are added to the hem. UH logo on chest, Cougar logos on the shoulders. Single stripe down the sides of the pants. Red helmet with the home, white with the away. Socks all have the same stripes as their jersey counterparts. Alternate uniform swaps the UH for the Cougar logo. 


Baseball - To the diamond we go. Primary hats and helmets are red/red with the UH monogram. Jerseys have the triple stripe on the sleeves. Cougar script logo on the chests of the home and away jerseys, with the number underneath it. Pants have the single stripe down the side. Alternate unis are grey, with a two-button jersey. Same stripes, this time with horizontal Houston on the chest, with the number in the same place. Went with striped stir-ups. Just fit the look better. 


Basketball - Basketball's current uniforms are pretty simple. Almost a little too simple if such a thing is possible in 2019, almost 2020. On the jerseys, I used the single version of the triple stripe as trim on the collar and arms. HOUSTON on both the home and away jerseys. On the shorts, waistband gets the single stripe. On the hem, the triple stripe with the logo above it on the side. On the alternate jersey, not much else changes. The wordmark gives way to the monogram and the short design changes slightly. 


C&C welcome. And a Happy New Year/Decade to you all! 

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So many clean, well-done concepts in here.


1. The working of the Nebraska N into the pants stripes on the football uniforms is unique and identifiable and overall a good move.

2. The overall branding of Rutgers is perfect. It blends the tradition (birthplace of college football, etc..) and identifiable scarlet and white with a well-designed sword to them more identifiable and modern-looking.

3. I can't help but feel that the sleevecaps on the Wake Forest football uniforms stand out a little too much, but the Wake basketball uniform is gorgeous.


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New Year, Definitely Not New Me. 



LbxH0eV.png TSng2yN.png

rNyRFNY.png Gs1x2vw.png


Football - One of the most traditional and recognizable set of uniforms, well, stays that way for the most part. The traditional home uniform stays as it is. Gold bucket, white jersey, gold pants. Stripes stay the same. I had the idea to take the stripes off of the cuffs, but it looked very wrong. The not seen super often purple uniforms also don't change a whole lot, if at all. They wouldn't normally be paired with the white helmet and pants, but I like the color balance they bring, especially in this picture. Also the stripes on the helmet and pants match the rest of the uniforms now. Now, possibly the controversy. I LOVED the helmet that came with the 1918 Silent Season uniforms. The color shifting helmet was too cool to not include as a once-a-season type thing. If the whole 1918 uniform couldn't stay, the same uniform color combo could. I wouldn't imagine such a combo being worn more than once a year, just a fun deviation from the norm. Oh, I know that the skinny font they've been using has been a point of conversation/controversy, but I kept it around and added it to the rest of the sports. To me, it fits the overall scheme of LSU. 


Hockey - Since hockey at LSU doesn't have as much of the tradition and heritage as the other sports, I felt that more liberties could be and should be taken. Hence, the shoulder stripes that mimic the football uniforms. Drag and dropped the football helmet logo onto the chests of the jerseys, underneath a tie-down collar. Second set of stripes lower down the sleeves, hem stripe follows the curve of said hem. Pants have the stripes down the side, with the eye logo on the front. Alternate uniform is gold, and borrows the script from the baseball team in place of the LSU above the Not-Toonces. 


Baseball - A team with what seems like just as much tradition as the football team, sees possibly the most change. Where it didn't change is in the hat and helmets, with the same LSU monogram they've used for years on an all purple hat/helmet. On the home whites, kept the pinstripes around, added some stripes to the arms. Used the Tigers script on the chest. Pants also have pinstripes and stripes down the side. Striped socks as well. I never liked the font the baseball teams use. It just didn't work for me. I replaced it on the purple and gold jerseys with the script font. Stripes on the sleeves, alternate pinstripe-less pants with the stripes down the side. Purple striped socks and an alternate gold option as well. 


Basketball - I like the classic feel the current basketball uniforms have and so I made minor tweaks to make it fit the new(ish) identity. Basically added the triple stripe to the arms and collar, down the sides of the uniform and onto the shorts. Hem stripe has the triple as well, along with on the bottom of the shorts. LSU on all three jerseys, new number font underneath it on the front. Not much to really say about these. 


C&C welcome!

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p0ymESS.png TdGvfOe.png

esLmr1d.png iLJwI0D.png


Football - Tulsa jumped ship to Adidas and ... that's really all that can be said about that. They admittedly cleaned things up going from a templated mess with Nike to a simpler, less mismatch look. What I tried doing was keeping that simpler look with a more Tulsa vibe. My goal was to maximize blue and gold and use red mostly as a trim color. So on the helmet, I brought back the stripe to more prominence, kept the classic Tulsa script on the sides of the helmets. White helmet is an alternate option. Jerseys now have the same stripes on the sleeves. I found a new font I thought worked well for the number font and compliments the script well. No alternate jersey, the gold didn't work for me as the alternate. Three options for pants, all with the same stripe down the side. 


Hockey - Tulsa currently has zero hockey presence on campus - varsity or club. So i went down a traditional path, with a classic stripe on the sleeve/hem combo. For logo, I went with the full Hurricane flag + Script combo for the home/away. One set of pants, blue with the stripes down the side, Hurricane flag logo on the front. Gold helmet goes with the home and away, but could see some appearances with the alternate. Socks have the same stripes as the jersey. this time, the alternate works as a gold jersey, with the only major difference being the TU logo becoming the chest logo and a blue helmet option. 


Baseball - The revival of Tulsa's baseball program in jersey from comes with a pretty consistent look from the other sports. One hat and helmet combo, blue/gold with the hats having the TU logo and the helmets having the Script. Jerseys have the script as the main logo, large stripes on the sleeves. Name and Number on the back. Pants have the stripe down the sides. Alternate is a gold rush uniform, with the TU logo on the left, number on the right. 


Basketball - For these I used a lotta bit from the current uniforms, namely the small striping around the arms, collar and at the bottom of the shorts. I borrowed a peripheral idea from the 2000's era uniforms from when Tulsa made it to that year's Elite Eight and the uniforms had a funky side panel striping thing going on and so I used about 8% of that idea and had the stripes cut at an angle on the home and away. Hurricane Flag logo on the sides of the shorts, Script logo on the chest of the home and away. Alternate gets a bit more traditional, with the TU replacing the flags, and the jersey stripe meeting the armhole instead of being cut at an angle. 


C&C welcome as always!



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