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The 1972 Project: The Finale: Oregon Ducks


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17 hours ago, Bruhammydude said:

This project has came so far, you did great!!! Is Idaho the final team?

Indeed they are. Which was unequivocally by my own personal choice. 





priGENg.png gwr2H8X.png


131/131. I made it. I cannot believe that this day is here. But, this isn't the end just yet, and we'll approach that at the end of this. 


So Idaho was still an FBS team when I started the hand drawing part of this project, which started in 2015, and I didn't get to the digital part of things until about 2017, and they had announced that they would rejoin the FCS. I didn't think it fair to exclude them after having already had them in my plans, so I moved them to the end of the list but kept them on the list as an "independent" but used the Big Sky logo for their conference. 


Football - They've had a lot of looks in the time since the uniforms arms race began and none of them fit together well.  Also, Idaho suffers from the "Colorado Complex", their official colors are silver and gold which go together on a sports uniform as well as oil and water mix. While Colorado in real life has been able to mitigate it with their use of black, Idaho has not. So I went back to just black and gold for UI. With that came a more classic look from their past with some changes. Two helmet options, glossy gold or matte black. Gold gets the classic Vandals script. Black gets the I logo. Jerseys have contrasting collars, I logo at the base. Double stripes on the sleeves, classic block number font. No alternate gold jersey for football, but an option for an all black uniform. 


Hockey - I don't have any good things to say about these clowns. They accused us at Boise State that we weren't trying to beat them on the scoreboard but intentionally injure them. don't know how they figured that out when we won our last matchup to date 18-0 and we ended up with 4 players getting hurt. Anyways, personal sentiment aside, I actually don't mind their uniforms right now. Only complaint is that they use no white, and use grey instead which creates a muddy mess. So I went with a similar look to football, with the stripes on the sleeves and the hems. Numbers on the sleeves, nothing on the shoulders of the home and away uniforms. I logo on the chests. Pants have the stripe down the sides, socks match their jerseys. Alternate gold jersey goes with the script above a number and moves the same I to the shoulders. 


Baseball - Idaho, much like their down south former rivals, went without a baseball team for more than 40 years. Boise State restarted and subsequently were forced to quickly shutter it again due to the pandemic. Idaho has ran with a club team since 1984 and their look now isn't bad. I did go into clean things up a little bit. Only one set of headgear. Black/gold with the full I logo. Jerseys are pretty classic baseball, with stripes around the arms and some placket piping to match. Vandals scripts on the home and gold alternate. Idaho wordmark on the black jersey. One set of pants, white with stripes down the sides. Socks are either black or gold for some razzle dazzle. 


Basketball - Very much a simple look that falls in line with the rest of the uniforms. Classic looking basketball striping style around the neck and the arms. Idaho wordmark on the home white and black away uniforms. Same striping down the sides of the jerseys. Shorts have the I logo on the front of legs. Stripes on the waistband and down the sides that match up with the side of the jerseys. All I got to say there. 


Well. This is pretty bittersweet. To be honest with you, I never thought that I'd get to this point. I thought for sure that I'd have had something go wrong that wouldn't let me finish this project. But 3 hospital stays in two years couldn't stop it, so after that, nothing was going to stop this. I'm out of teams to work on... 



We aren't done just yet. I knew that over the course of this project teams would jump manufacturers (I think Temple jumped twice during this project), make large scale branding changes, and just make changes over the course of all this. So I had earmarked some teams that I was going to revisit once this all came to an end. And now that I'm here, the Epilogue can begin and I can begin to wrap this project that has consumed my design life for almost a full 5 years. 


Before that, if you have any C&C for Idaho or anyone, don't be shy! 

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Thank you all for the kind words, it's meant a lot to hear from you guys about the series over the last two years. this was undoubtedly the biggest project I've ever taken on and I can't imagine doing something this big again. 


With that, let's start the Epilogue!




URJGB49.png jgUsq9p.png

Qa5ssUF.png 09JaTm4.png


Original Design


In April 2019, within the span of a couple weeks, Baylor, WVU and Pitt all unveiled new identities and uniforms. I had Baylor and WVU done already and didn't want to revisit them immediately and came up with the idea of going back over them at the end of it all. But I hadn't gotten to Pitt yet and personally, I find the Navy/Old Gold identity to be stronger, but I know there's a large majority that prefer the look that they went back to. But I thought about the designs I came up with (linked under the images) and just thought about what it would look like in the Blue/Yellow colors. 


Compared to the first design, not much changes except the colors. Though I think this would be the first instance of a royal blue helmet for Pitt. Also I believe it would be the first instance of a yellow jersey for Pitt in the Dorsett era yellow. Hockey does have yellow pants, but those wouldn't be the full time pants obviously, but I thought that it would work well with the set, so there are also blue pants. Baseball does see more change, notably all the jerseys are now button downs. The alternate yellow now has the P logo on the left side, number opposite that, along with a yellow hat and helmet option. Only real change for basketball is the addition of an NOB which I inexplicably forgot. 


C&C welcome!


On 11/4/2020 at 8:43 AM, 1991 said:

As a Missouri State Bears fan, i would love to see you visit FCS teams like the Missouri Valley Conference, but i have to say you hit a home run with this series, GREAT job!!


So I'm gonna give one team away here, but I did plan on doing NDSU in this series, mostly because my Grandpa graduated from NDSU almost 70 years ago now, and the family is big fans of NDSU as a result. But one of these days I'm gonna take on some FCS designs. It probably won't be at this thorough of a series but I definitely do want to visit the FCS from a design standpoint in the future.  


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Well. My determined friend, you have triumphantly completed your lofty undertaking. A feat most freaking incredible. Now, as per my promise, through 11:59 PM ET on December 7, my member title will read whatever it is you wish. Whether it be something in the Colin Turner is a insert flattering word here vein, or something else of your choosing, that's all up to you.

Mull it over and let me know.


Congratulations and Magnificent Job!!!

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mW87KrK.png LaQchk2.png

kdrdHqD.png a5A2jcS.png


Original Design


While Pitt felt like there was a sense of two good color schemes, not the case with Baylor. They absolutely made the right choice IMO going back to a more athletic gold, and the branding updates were a huge plus to me as well. So in that respect, most of what happened here was updating the original design to the new colors and out with the old logos and in with the new logos and wordmarks and fonts, etc. This also means that the black alternates have been retired. 


Football - Compared to the past design, the biggest changes were really the colors. Kept most of the same elements. Added the contrasting color from the new IRL uniforms. Otherwise, things stay mostly the same. 

Hockey - Much like football, things don't really change from a broad design standpoint. New colors and logos and things. 

Baseball - Actually a fair amount of change here. Only one hat/helmet option, all green. No more arched wordmarks, now using the scriptish Baylor on all 3 uniforms. As well as two options for striped socks. Idk why, but that gold jersey is really speaking to me all of a sudden. 

Basketball - A good amount of change here as well. Though mostly in the alternate. Home and away stay by and large the same, just with new colors and things. Alternate goes gold with a wordmark/number/wordmark sandwich on the chest. 


And because basketball does it, that means in this case everyone does it: NEON


H69VAyF.png vYRwse2.png


Same design, just green and gold is replaced with black and neon. 


C&C welcome!


1 hour ago, PERRIN said:

Congrats on completing this amazingly difficult and incredibly well-made series. I can't wait to see more. Are there any plans for other recently rebranded schools like Oregon or others?


I've got a list of teams I'm currently planning on working on in this Epilogue. Oregon is tentatively on there, but I'm not totally sure about what that is going to mean yet. 

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I've been lurking on this thread since its inception, and I am overwhelmed with the consistent quality, creativity, and beauty of this extraordinary number of concepts. This is an outstandingly huge series and you knocked it out of the park. I'm sad to see it over but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing each concept, and I love the cohesiveness of each set, and the little quirks put into each and every school's set.

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ueY7K8E.png pt1tbti.png

e4cppMj.png itntQvf.png


Original Design


Where Baylor and Pitt went through pretty large scale rebrands and uniform unveils, WVU was much more mundane, releasing new fonts and wordmarks and not changing from the ground up. To that end, that means the changes aren't as sweeping as the previous two teams. 


Football - Like I said, not as sweeping of changes here. Helmets don't change. Pants don't change. Only change on the jerseys is the new fonts, collars that cut before the triangle, and the WV logo on the triangle below it. Added an option for gold socks and cleats. Only change to the coal jerseys is the change in fonts. 


Hockey - Little more goes on here. Gold pants are scrapped. Gold helmet moves down to the alternate gold uniform, though is still an option for the home and away uniforms.  Number fonts change across the board. 


Baseball - A lot goes on here. Used the new wordmarks on the home, away and Coal alternates. Kept the WV + number treatment on the gold alternate. Fonts change and not a whole lot else. Gold socks are also now an option. 


Basketball - Changes are similar to baseball, using the new wordmarks and fonts on the same uniforms, still keeping the WV above the number on the gold. But really there isn't a lot different from before 


C&C welcome!

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