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The 1972 Project: The Finale: Oregon Ducks


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13 hours ago, Bruhammydude said:

Can't see it, it says I need to request access from you. But this was an incredible project, easily one of the best I've ever seen. Way to go!



Try this one, in case people are interested to see some numbers instead of some designs for a change 😂

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On 11/20/2020 at 8:52 AM, colinturner95 said:

Love the mention of Boise State, because unless BSU football falls off a cliff in the next 10 years, I firmly believe they'll be in the PAC sooner rather than later. I just don't know who the PAC adds for balance. BYU? A MW California school? 


If it's an MW school, I really hope that it would be San Diego State.

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If there was a CCSLC member HOF, this thread is all you'd need to be a first ballot inductee. Now that you're officially completed I gotta congratulate you again on your determinedness  and top-quality concepts here. You are a Creamer Legend.

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On 11/17/2020 at 1:04 PM, colinturner95 said:

So Mizzou has been doing this in recent games, and things to me don't work. 


Mizzou Football Uniforms - Week 1 at Wyoming - University of Missouri  AthleticsReady to return: Mizzou football eager to resume workouts Missouri vs South Carolina football GameDay: info, where to watch,  predictions - Rock M NationLOOK: Mizzou Football unveils uniforms for homecoming against Ole Miss -  Rock M Nation


Don't get me wrong, I love a good blending of a classic and modern look. It's something I do try and do maybe too often, but in this case, it's not working for Mizzou, especially when the helmet and pants don't match the jersey and it looks bad IMO. 


Original Design




NkpPMFt.png 4JM6sKT.png

BNM0rli.png scN9Bx1.png


Football - So like I mentioned above, it's basically time to kick it classic. Using the northwest stripe with the diamonds in the middle stripe as the new focal point for this identity. That said, the wordmarks stick around from the big Nike update, the number font does not. To me it didn't fit with the more classic look. NW stripe down the center of the helmets. Black and yellow buckets, with the oval tiger logo on the sides. Alternate option there is with the return of the Block M to the helmets. Jerseys now have the NW stripes on the sleeves, keep the wordmarks on the chests, return to a block font for the numbers. M on the base of the collar. And only on the gold football jersey did I do the colored sleeves. I can't explain why I did it, it just looked better to me. Pants mirror their jerseys. 


Hockey - In total honesty, there's not much super different for hockey. The tiger stripes give way to the NW stripe on the sleeves and on the hem line. The block M moves to the shoulders. The black shoulder yoke for the away jersey sticks around. Pants now have the NW stripe, as do the socks. On the gold alternate, the M and Tiger logo switch places, along with the gold helmet being used here. 


Baseball - Definitely a return to a more classic baseball look. The hats and helmets see the return of the block M to the fronts. Jerseys now have the NW stripes on the sleeves. Wordmarks stay pretty much the same, with the addition of the block font. Also added the oval Tiger logo to the back of the jersey. Kept the pants blank like before, but also kept the option for black pants. Socks now get stripes as well, matching their similar colored jersey, save for the white jersey. 


Basketball - Mizzou already had uniforms that appeared pretty similar to these, so I just kept the push going in the same direction. NW stripe around the neck, arms, waistband and the bottom of the shorts. Wordmarks stayed pretty similar to before, Tigers on the home, Mizzou on the other two uniforms. Honestly, not much else needs to be said here. 


C&C welcome!



Minor change ideas: For hockey, I suggest putting the tiger paw-M logo on the shoulders of the gold jersey, and also add the tiger paw-M logo on the basketball shorts. IMO, the tiger paw is a classic logo that still works as a solid tertiary in the modern brand. 

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